IIoT Impact Series: Process Automation

The Emergence of IIoT will Trigger Market Opportunities for Open and Secure Process Automation Applications

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Implications of low oil price, retiring workforce, aging infrastructure, compliance pressure, and new business needs will drive market attractiveness for IIoT technologies in process industries. The convergence of IT and OT will result in the creation of advanced process applications that support real-time decision making. The influx of IIoT within process automation will transform the MAC model into an information-driven MIC approach. Legacy infrastructure will break with the increased penetration of automation and information technologies, which will, in turn, push vendors to offer managed services. Quick ROI, lack of standardization, risk of cyber threats, and integration of existing legacy assets incompatib

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. The Future of Process Automation and the Impact of IIoT
IIoT Technologies in Process Automation—Market Scope
IIoT in Process Automation—Application Overview
3. IIoT in Process Automation: Vertical Market Overview
Oil and Gas
Chemicals and Petrochemicals
Power Generation
Food and Beverage
Water and Wastewater
4. IIoT in Process Automation: Technology Overview
Top IIoT Technology Trends in Process Automation
IIoT Drives IP-addressable Devices in Process Industries
Process Automation Connectivity Technologies
Cloudification of Industrial Data and Applications
Big Data Analytics
5. IIoT in Process Automation: Discerning End-user Needs
The Need for Real-time Decision Making
Demand for Value Addition
Multi-year Corporate Agreements
Main Information Contractor
6. IIoT in Process Automation: Competitive Trends
SAP’s Sensor-to-Enterprise Connectivity
Emerson’s iOps Center
Rockwell Automation’s Cloud Platform
GE’s Industrial Internet Ecosystem
M&As in Asset Performance Management
7. IIoT in Process Automation: Potential Market Penetration Strategies
Strategic Partnerships
Managed Automation Services
8. The Last Word- Insights on the multi-pronged approach to compete in the future process automation world by leveraging IIoT technologies
9. Legal Disclaimer
10. The Frost & Sullivan Story- The Journey to Visionary Innovation

List of Figures & Charts

1. IIoT in Process Automation: Market Scope and Segmentation, Global, 2015
2. IIoT in Process Automation: Percent Value by Application Segments, Global, 2015
3. IIoT in Process Automation: Customer Adoption by Application, Global, 2015
4. IIoT in Process Automation: Percent Value by Industrial Verticals, Global, 2015
5. IIoT in Process Automation: Customer Adoption by Vertical, Global, 2015
6. IIoT in Process Automation: Top Technology Trends, Global, 2015
7. IIoT in Process Automation: Market Summary for Key Process Automation Field Technologies, Global, 2015
8. Percent Revenue by Industrial Communication Networks by Type, Global, 2015
9. Percent Revenue by Wireless Sensor Network Type, Global, 2014
10. IIoT in Process Automation: Big Data for the Manufacturing Domain - Summary of Key Market Opportunities, Global, 2014–2021
11. IIoT in Process Automation: Shell’s Honeycomb Model, Global, 2015
12. IIoT in Process Automation: Key Multi-year Corporate Agreements by Oil and Gas Companies, Global, 2015
13. IIoT in Process Automation: Evolution of Main Information Contractor, Global, 2015
14. IIoT in Process Automation: Potential Strategic Partnerships Embracing Connectivity and Convergence, Global, 2014
15. IIoT in Process Automation: Managed Automation Services, Global, 2015
16. IIoT in Process Automation: Managed Automation Services, Global, 2015

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