Image Guidance and Navigation Technologies for Robotic Surgery

Importance of Technology Convergence to Guide Surgery into the Next Decade

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The importance of medical imaging has expanded beyond just diagnoses. Increasingly, more imaging modalities are being integrated into therapy systems, and as guidance tools during surgical procedures. TechVision's latest research service from the medical imaging technology cluster highlights the emerging trends and innovations in use of medical imaging for guidance and navigation during surgical procedures and treatments. Two broad application areas have been delineated: image-guide surgery (IGS) and image-guided therapy (IGT). IGS and IGT use medical imaging tools such as x-ray radiology, ultrasound imaging and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in guiding the surgeon and the robotic system during surgical proce

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Scope of Research1.2 Research Methodology1.2 Research Methodology (continued)1.3 Key Findings1.3 Key Findings (continued)1.4 Frost & Sullivan Perspective: Technology Convergence Holds the Key to The Future of Robotic Surgery2.0 Technology Snapshot and Trends2.1The Role of Medical Imaging Extends Beyond Diagnosis2.2The Advent of Robotic Surgery and the Increasing Importance of IGS are Well-aligned2.3Image-guided Surgery (IGS) Forms the Foundation of Modern Surgical Practices2.4Optical Imaging Offers Excellent Image Quality in Real-time, but Suffers from Poor Depth of Penetration2.5Hybrid Imaging and Electromagnetic Navigation Mechanisms Bridge the Gaps Left by Conventional Optical Imaging Platforms2.6 Accurate Guidance, Dosage Optimization, and Careful Planning Contribute to the Rise of IGT2.7Radiation Therapy and Brachytherapy are the Two Approaches to IGT2.8Image-guided Therapy (IGT) Finds Ready Acceptance by Radiation and Chemotherapies3.0 Impact Assessment of Emerging Market Trends3.1 Business and Technology Drivers3.2Technology Convergence and Greater Cross-industry Collaboration Will Spur Innovations 3.3Innovations in Image Sensors, Miniaturization and Connectivity Are Important Trends Contributing to Product Innovation3.4Business and Technology Challenges3.5High Cost of Development, Regulatory Restrictions Are the Major Challenges to Market Entry3.6Technology Challenges Explained3.7Private Investment Spurs Innovation in Advanced Surgical Systems3.8Public Funding in the US Averages $60 Million3.9Analysis of Recent NIH-Funded Projects Sheds Light on Hot Innovation Areas in IGS3.9 Analysis of Recent NIH-Funded Projects Sheds Light on Hot Innovation Areas in IGS (continued)3.10 Venture Funding in IGS Illustrates the Market Importance of the Technology3.10 Venture Funding in IGS Illustrates the Market Importance of the Technology (continued)4.0 Innovation Snapshot of Image-guided Therapies4.1 IGRT is Ideally Suited to Target and Treat Oncology4.2Elekta – Image-guided Radiotherapy Solutions and Brachytherapy for Gynecological and Brain Cancers4.3Robotic Radiation Delivery by Accuray4.4Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy From Varian Medical Systems 4.5Sensus Healthcare – Superficial Radiation Therapy for Non-melanoma Skin Cancer Therapy5.0 Innovation Snapshot of Image-guided Surgeries5.1 Brainlab - Optical and Electromagnetic Surgical Navigation5.2 IntelliJoint Surgical – Optical Navigation Support for Orthopedic Procedures 5.3 Surgical Theater – 3D Visualization to Aid Surgical Navigation5.4 Philips – Augmented Reality-Enabled Surgical Navigation5.5 Verb Surgical – The Advent of Digital Surgery6.0 Emerging Opportunities and Future of Image-guided Procedures6.1 IGS and IGT Align Well with Global Megatrends, Technology Convergence and Find Applications Across Surgical Care6.2 Five Major Growth Opportunities in the Field of IG Procedures6.3 Key Critical Success Factors for the Future of Surgical Robots7.0 IP Landscape Analysis7.1 Innovative Technologies Available for Licensing7.1 Innovative Technologies Available for Licensing (continued) 7.2Image-guided Surgery – Regional IP Analysis7.3Image-guided Surgery – Top Assignees and Innovators7.4Top Ranked Patents in the IGS Space7.5 A Snapshot of Top Cited Patents in the IGS Space7.6 A Snapshot of Most Patents in the IGS Space8.0 Industry Contacts and References8.1 Database of Key Industry Participants8.2 Database of Key Industry Participants and ReferencesLegal Disclaimer

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