Impact and Implications of BREXIT on the Plastics and Coatings Market

Evaluating Favourable Deals between the EU and the UK Remains Critical for Chemical Companies to Facilitate Free Trade, Labour Movement, and Seamless

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The study aims to analyse the impact of Brexit in the European chemical industry with specific focus on coatings and plastics.

Research Scope:
• Pre and post Brexit Overview (UK chemical industry, European chemical industry)
• Key macroeconomic trends (labour, cross border investment, trade policies)
• Key Brexit outcomes analysed (Hard and soft Brexit routes)
• Highlights the impact on the chemical industry in hard and soft Brexit scenarios

The impact of Brexit is also analysed specifically for coatings and plastics market.

The analysis provides an overview of the chemical industry prior to Brexit in terms of exports, imports, employment, R&D spend. The study intends to determine the impact of Brexit on these parameters during the short term. The study focuses on analysing how the labour movement across borders is likely to be affected by Brexit and in turn impact chemical companies in the UK and the EU respectively. Further, the modifications in trade policies are likely to affect the business of chemical companies in the UK and the EU. The study analyses how these changes are likely to impact the companies in the UK as well as in EU. The study also analyses how conducive the market environment likely to be while adopting different exit strategies.

The impact has been analysed based on two possible routes that UK is likely to adopt for exiting the EU. The coatings and the plastics market have been analysed to study the implications for the two markets. Growth opportunities that are likely to arise out of the two different Brexit scenarios have been analysed.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer
• What was the state of the European and the UK chemical industry prior to Brexit?
• What are the key areas that Brexit is likely to impact?
• What are the different routes that the UK is likely to adopt for exiting the EU?
• How are the industry dynamics likely to change during the Brexit process?
• How favourable or unfavourable are the market metrics likely to change based on the route that the UK chooses for the exit process?
• What are the market opportunities for the companies in the UK and companies in the EU during and after the exit process?

Table of Contents

Impact and Implications of BREXIT on the Plastics and Coatings MarketExecutive SummaryKey FindingsResearch ScopeOverview of the UK Chemical IndustryChemical Industry—Cutting Across Key VerticalsThe EU Chemical Industry—In NumbersThe UK Chemical Industry—In NumbersThe UK Chemical Industry—Pre Brexit OverviewThe UK Chemical Industry—Market Participants OverviewBrexit and the UK Chemical IndustryBrexit—Timeline of EventsBrexit—Context and OverviewImpact of Brexit on the Chemical IndustryThe Top 5 Effects of Brexit on the Chemical IndustryRegulatory Implications of BrexitAnalysis of UK-EU Relationship Scenarios and their Impact on the Chemical IndustryUK-EU Relationship ScenariosImplications of ‘SOFT’ and ‘HARD’ Brexit ScenariosSOFT Brexit ConsequencesHARD Brexit ConsequencesBrexit Impact on the UK Plastics MarketKey Concerns for the UK Plastics Market due to BrexitImpact on Trade Balance in the UK Plastics MarketWorkforce Management—Key Concern of Plastics Market Post BrexitIncrease in Material PricesBrexit Impact on the UK Coatings MarketThe UK Coatings Market—At a GlanceKey Concerns of the UK Coatings Market due to BrexitRegulatory ImplicationsGrowth OpportunitiesGrowth Opportunity 1—Economic Scenario in Case of SOFT BREXITGrowth Opportunity 2—Economic Scenario in Case of HARD BREXITKey Conclusions and Top PredictionsKey Conclusions and Top PredictionsLegal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy





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