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Indian Mobile network technologies have been continuously evolving in the past decade both in retail as well as enterprise segment. Providers have also understood the importance of enterprise specific offerings because of enterprise segment being a very lucrative and a highly potential segment. Widespread access to mobiles and higher awareness levels are some of the key success factors for mobile broadband in India enterprises.

This research service provides in-depth impact analysis of emerging mobile broadband technologies like 3G and BWA on the Indian enterprises. Market intelligence such as competitive situation, market forecasts and technology evolution are examined. Detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis are also provided

Table of Contents

Deep dive into the Mobile Broadband market in India

  • Broadband Industry Overview
  • Technology Evolution in Mobile Broadband
  • Current Market Scenario
  • Snapshot of Evolving Mobile Broadband Technologies
  • Auction Analysis – 3G
  • Auction Analysis – BWA
  • Wireline versus Wireless Broadband
  • Classification of Wireless Internet Devices
  • Adoption of Smartphones and Data Cards
  • Impact on existing Mobile broadband Services
  • Mobile Broadband Services by Customer Segment

Analysis of the Enterprise Mobile Broadband market

  • Market Engineering Measurement
  • Market Drivers and Restraints
  • Market Drivers Explained
  • Market Restraints Explained
  • Market Impact of Drivers and Restraints
  • Enterprise Mobile Data Market Forecasts
  • Competitive Landscape of Enterprise Mobile Data Market
  • Competitive Highlights

Mobile Broadband and its enhancements in Indian enterprises

  • 3G and BWA enhancing Mobile Broadband in Enterprises
  • Critical Success Factors for Mobile Broadband in Enterprises
  • Impact on Mobile ARPUs of Enterprises
  • Impact of Mobile Broadband on Enterprise verticals

Analysis of Mobile broadband market at a Global level

  • Mobile Network Connection Speeds across the Globe
  • International launches of LTE
  • International Launches of Evolving Mobile Broadband Technologies
  • International Success Story

Reiteration of Key Trends

  • Future Roadmap
  • Key Takeaway

Research Methodology detailed

  • Research Methodology

Frost & Sullivan Overview

  • Who is Frost & Sullivan
  • What makes us unique
  • T.E.A.M. Methodology
  • Our Global Footprint 40+ Offices