Indian Application Service Providers (ASPs) Markets: End User Study

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Table of Contents

Indian Application Service Providers (ASPs) Markets, Executive SummaryIntroduction to the Application Service Providers MarketIntroduction to the Application Service Providers MarketSummary of Major FindingsMarket Growth - Opportunities and Total ForecastCompetitive AnalysisConclusionsIndian Application Service Providers (ASPs) Markets, Market Engineering Research MethodologyResearch ScopeObjectives and PurposeReport Structure and Market SegmentationMarket Engineering Forecasting MethodologyOverviewStrategic Significance of the Market Engineering ForecastForecast AssumptionsGlossary of TermsGlossary of TermsList of AcronymsIndian Application Service Providers (ASPs) Markets, Industry ChallengesIndustry Challenges for the Total ASP MarketIndustry Challenges for the Total ASP MarketCustomers Acceptance of the ASP ModelWell-defined and Comprehensive SLAs that Addresses Issues Related to Network Performance; Application; Hosting/Systems and Customer Care/HelpdeskIntegration with Company’s Existing SystemsAcceptance of the OutSourcing ConceptUnaddressed Security Concerns are Detrimental to the Growth of the ASP MarketManaging Relationship with the Alliance/Channel PartnersBandwidth Capacity of the NetworkEstablishment of a Strong ASP Technology InfrastructureWell-Defined Road MapManaging Pricing and Technological Related IssuesMarket Engineering Research for the Total Application Service Providers Market in India 2000-2004Total Market Segment AnalysisMarket Overview and DefinitionsMarket DefinitionsIT Potential in Indian ASP MarketMarket Engineering Research Measurement SystemMarket Engineering Research Measurement SystemMarket ParticipantsMarket Engineering Revenue Forecasts (2000-2004)Pricing Strategy and Trend AnalysisCompetitive StructureCompetitive Market Share AnalysisIndustry Structure in India ASP MarketIndian Application Service Providers (ASPs) Markets, Scope and Research MethodologyOverviewOverviewMethodologyMethodologySurvey MethodSurvey MethodIndian Application Service Providers (ASPs) Markets, End user Analysis: ASP Market (India)OverviewOverviewAnalysis for Chart 6.1Analysis for Chart 6.2Analysis for Chart 6.3Analysis for Chart 6.4Analysis for Chart 6.5Analysis for Chart 6.6Analysis of Chart 6.7; Chart 6.8 and Chart 6.9Analysis of Chart 6.10Analysis of Chart 6.11Analysis of Chart 6.12Analysis of Chart 6.13; Chart 6.14 and Chart 6.15Analysis of Chart 6.16Analysis of Chart 6.17Analysis of Chart 6.18Analysis of Chart 6.19; Chart 6.20; Chart 6.21 and Chart 6.22Analysis of Chart 6.23Analysis of Chart 6.24; Chart 6.25; Chart 6.26; Chart 6.27 and Chart 6.28Analysis of Chart 6.29; Chart 6.30; Chart 6.31; Chart 6.32 and Chart 6.33Analysis of Chart 6.34Analysis of Chart 6.35; Chart 6.36; Chart 6.37; Chart 6.38; Chart 6.39 and Chart 6.40Analysis of Chart 6.41Analysis of Chart 6.42Analysis of Chart 6.43Analysis of Chart 6.44Analysis of Chart 6.45Analysis of Chart 6.46; Chart 6.47; Chart 6.48 and Chart 6.49Analysis of Chart 6.50; Chart 6.51; Chart 6.52 and Chart 6.53Analysis of Chart 6.54; Chart 6.55; Chart 6.56 and Chart 6.57Analysis of Chart 6.58; Chart 6.59; Chart 6.60 and Chart 6.61Analysis of Chart 6.62; Chart 6.63; Chart 6.64 and Chart 6.65Analysis of Chart 6.66; Chart 6.67; Chart 6.68 and Chart 6.69Analysis of Chart 6.70; Chart 6.71; Chart 6.72 and Chart 6.73Analysis of Chart 6.74; Chart 6.75 and Chart 6.76Analysis of Chart 6.77; Chart 6.78 and Chart 6.79Analysis of Chart 6.80Analysis of Chart 6.81Analysis of Chart 6.82Analysis of Chart 6.83Analysis of Chart 6.84Analysis of Chart 6.85Analysis of Chart 6.86Analysis of Chart 6.87Analysis of Chart 6.88Analysis of Chart 6.89Analysis of Chart 6.90Analysis of Chart 6.91Analysis of Chart 6.92Analysis of Chart 6.93Analysis of Chart 6.94Analysis of Chart 6.95Analysis of Chart 6.96Analysis of Chart 6.97Analysis of Chart 6.98Analysis of Chart 6.99Analysis of Chart 6.100Analysis of Chart 6.101Analysis of Chart 6.102Analysis of Chart 6.103Analysis of Chart 6.104-Chart 6.115 Analysis of Chart 6.116Analysis of Chart 6.117Analysis of Chart 6.118Analysis of Chart 6.119Analysis of Chart 6.120Analysis of Chart 6.121Analysis of Chart 6.122Analysis of Chart 6.123Analysis of Chart 6.124Analysis of Chart 6.125Analysis of Chart 6.126Analysis of Chart 6.127Market Engineering Awards for the ASP MarketFrost & Sullivan's 2001 Market Engineering AwardsFrost & Sullivan's 2001 Market Engineering AwardsMarket Engineering AwardsMarket Engineering AwardsAward Category: Competitive StrategyAward Category: Market Engineering LeadershipAward Category: Strategic Alliance LeadershipAward Category: Technology InnovationAward Category: Technology LeadershipIndian Application Service Providers (ASPs) Markets, Profiles of Strategically Targeted CompaniesProfiles of Strategically Targeted CompaniesProfiles of Strategically Targeted CompaniesIndian Application Service Providers (ASPs) Markets, Database of Key Industry ParticipantsMajor Market ParticipantsMajor Market Participants

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