Industrial Antimicrobial Agents: Applications and Markets in Various Global Regions 2000-2005-2010 (Technical Insights)

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Table of Contents

Industrial Antimicrobial Agents, Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryIndustrial Antimicrobial Agents, Overview1.1 Introduction1.1 Introduction1.2 Microorganisms1.2 Microorganisms1.2.1 Bacteria1.2.2 Fungi1.2.3 Algae1.2.4 Protozoa and Viruses1.3 Industrial Antimicrobial Agents (IAA)1.3.1 Antimicrobial Activity1.3.2 Types of Microorganisms in Industrial Applications1.3.3 Chemical Categories of IAA; Application Areas for Different Types; and Market Penetration of Each Type1.3.4 An Ideal Antimicrobial Agent1.3.5 Classification of IAA1.4 Global Status1.4.1 General1.4.2 Legislation1.4.3 Corporate Scenario1.4.4 Current Market Status1.4.5 Market Projections for 2000; 2005; and 2010Industrial Antimicrobial Agents, Types of Industrial Antimicrobial Agents2.1 General2.1 General2.2 Oxidizing Types of IAA2.2 Oxidizing Types of IAA2.2.1 Chlorine2.2.2 Hypochlorites2.2.3 Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)2.2.4 Sodium Bromide (NaBr)2.2.5 Chlorinated Isocyanurates2.2.6 Bromine-Releasing Isocyanurate Compositions2.2.7 Halogenated Hydantoins2.2.8 Iodophors and Other Iodine Compounds2.2.9 Ozone (O3)2.2.10 Peroxy Compounds2.2.11 Some Commercial Oxidizing-Type Antimicrobial Agents2.3 Nonoxidizing Type of IAA2.3 Nonoxidizing Type of IAA2.3.1 Phenol-Based Compounds2.3.2 Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QAC; Quats) and Polyquats2.4 Organosulfur Compounds2.4 Organosulfur Compounds2.5 Organometallics2.5 Organometallics2.5.1 Copper-Based Compounds2.5.2 Zinc-Based Compounds2.5.3 Tin-Based Compounds2.5.4 Arsenic-Based Compounds2.6 Inorganic Compounds2.6 Inorganic Compounds2.6.1 Chromated Copper Compounds2.6.2 Boron Compounds2.6.3 Miscellaneous Inorganic Compounds2.7 Organic Acids and Salts2.7 Organic Acids and Salts2.7.1 Sodium and Calcium Propionates2.7.2 Sodium and Potassium Benzoates2.7.3 Sorbic Acid and Potassium Sorbate2.8. Other Miscellaneous Products2.8. Other Miscellaneous ProductsIndustrial Antimicrobial Agents, Application Areas for Industrial Antimicrobial Agents3.1 General3.1 General3.2 Water Treatment3.2 Water Treatment3.2.1 Industrial Water Treatment3.2.2 Drinking Water3.2.3 Swimming Pools and Spas3.3 Pulp and Paper Industry3.3 Pulp and Paper Industry3.4 Textile and Leather Industries3.4 Textile and Leather Industries3.4.1 Textile Industry3.4.2 Leather Industry3.5 Sanitizers and Disinfectants3.5 Sanitizers and Disinfectants3.5.1 Selection of a Disinfectant3.5.2 Antimicrobial Agents and Surfactants3.6 Food Industry3.6 Food Industry3.7 Petroleum Industry3.7 Petroleum Industry3.7.1 Oil Well Simulation/Crude Oil Production3.7.2 Preservation of Middle Distillate Fuels (Light Fuels for the Navy and Ships)3.7.3. Preservation of Jet Fuels3.8 Metalworking Fluids3.8 Metalworking Fluids3.9 Paints and Coatings3.9 Paints and Coatings3.9.1 Prevention of In-Can Deterioration3.9.2 Prevention of Dry-Film Deterioration3.9.3 Algicides and Fungicides3.10 Wood Preservation3.10 Wood Preservation3.11 Plastics Industry3.11 Plastics Industry3.12 Adhesives and Sealants3.12 Adhesives and Sealants3.13 Personal Care Products3.13 Personal Care Products3.14 Risk Assessment and ManagementIndustrial Antimicrobial Agents, The Industrial Antimicrobial Agents IndustryIntroductionIntroduction4.1 Structure of the Industry4.1.1 United States4.1.2 Western Europe4.1.3 Japan4.2 Corporate Profiles - United States4.2.1.1 Albemarle Corp.; Baton Rouge; LA ( AMSA Inc. (Antimicrobial Specialists and Associates Inc.); Midland; MI ( Arch Chemicals Inc.; Norwalk; CT ( Betz Dearborn Inc.; Addison; IL ( Biocide International Inc.; Norman; OK ( Buckman Laboratories Inc.; Memphis; TN ( Calgon Corp.; Pittsburgh; PA ( Creanova; Somerset; NJ ( Dow Chemical Co.; Midland; MI ( Eastern Technologies Inc.; Morgantown; PA ( Engelhard Corp.; Iselin; NJ ( Great Lakes Chemical Corp.; West Lafayette; IN ( Houghton Chemical Corp.; Boston; MA ( Industrial Water Engineering Inc.; Albuquerque; NM ( Inolex Chemical Co.; Philadelphia; PA ( Mason Chemical Co.; Chicago; IL ( Messina Inc.; Dallas; TX ( Metalworking Chemicals & Equipment Co. Inc.; Lake Placid; NY ( Nalco Chemical Co.; Naperville; IL ( Occidental Chemical Corp (Oxychem); Dallas; TX ( Rochester Midland Corp.; Rochester; NY ( Sterling Chemicals Holdings Inc.; Houston; TX; and Sterling Pulp Chemicals Ltd.; Toronto; ON; Canada (SPC) ( Thornley Co.; Wilmington; DE ( Troy Corp.; Florham Park; NJ ( Union Carbide Corp.; Danbury; CT ( Vinings Industries; Atlanta; GA ( Vulcan Chemicals; Birmingham; AL ( Profiles - Western Europe4.2.2.1 Akzo Nobel NV; Arnhem; Netherlands ( Albright & Wilson Ltd.; London; UK ( Avecia Biocides; Blackley; Manchester; UK ( Bactria Biocides; Hartlepool; UK ( Bayer AG; Germany ( BASF AG; Ludwigshafen; Germany ( Biochema Schwaben; Dr. Lehmann GmbH & Co. KG; Memmingen; Germany ( Bode Chemie GmbH & Co.; Hamburg; Germany ( Catomance Plc; Hertfordshire; UK ( Ciba Specialty Chemicals; Basel; Switzerland ( Feedwater Ltd.; Moreton; Wirral; UK ( Hickson Timber Products Ltd.; Knottinglet; West Yorkshire; UK ( Invicta A/S; Oslo; Norway ( Lonza Group; Basel; Switzerland ( Microbial Systems International Ltd.; Nottingham; UK ( Nipa Laboratories Ltd.; Mid Glamorgan; UK ( Norsechem AS; Indre Arna; Norway ( Scotmas Ltd.; Bordens; Scotland ( Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux; Paris ( Thor Chemie GmbH ( Whitewater Technologies Ltd.; West Midlands; UK4.3 Antimicrobial Agents and Legislation4.3 Antimicrobial Agents and Legislation4.3.1 United States4.3.2 Western Europe4.3.3 Asia-Pacific Region4.4 Other Global Regions4.4 Other Global Regions4.5 Trends and Opportunities4.5 Trends and Opportunities4.5.1 United States4.5.2 Western Europe4.5.3 Asia-Pacific Region4.5.4 Other Global RegionsIndustrial Antimicrobial Agents, Markets for Industrial Antimicrobial AgentsIntroductionIntroduction5.1 United States5.1.1 Industrial Water Treatment5.1.2 Swimming Pools and Spas5.1.3 Sanitizers and Disinfectants5.1.4 Food Preservatives5.1.5 Textiles; Leather and Plastics5.1.6 Paints; Coatings and Adhesives5.1.7 Personal Care Products5.1.8 Pulp and Paper Production5.1.9 Petroleum Industry5.1.10 Metalworking Fluids5.1.11 Wood Preservatives5.1.12 Overall Market Value of IAA in the United States (1999-2000)5.2 Western Europe5.2.1. Industrial Water Treatment5.2.2 Swimming Pools and Spas5.2.3 Sanitizers and Disinfectants5.2.4 Food Preservatives5.2.5 Textiles; Leather and Plastics5.2.6 Paints; Coatings and Adhesives5.2.7 Personal Care Products5.2.8 Pulp and Paper Production5.2.9 Petroleum Industry5.2.10 Metalworking Fluids5.2.11 Wood Preservatives5.2.12 Overall market value of IAA in Western Europe (1999-2000)5.3 Asia-Pacific Region5.3 Asia-Pacific Region5.3.1 Japan5.3.2 Asia-Pacific Region; excluding Japan5.4. Prices5.4. PricesIndustrial Antimicrobial Agents, Global Market for Industrial Antimicrobial Agents (2005-2010)6.1 Current Global Market6.1 Current Global Market6.2 Global Market in 2000; 2005; 20106.2.1 United States6.2.2 Western Europe6.2.3 Japan6.2.4 Other Global Regions6.2.5 Overall Global MarketIndustrial Antimicrobial Agents, AppendixAppendix7.1 Abbreviations7.2 Glossary of Terms

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