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  1. 06 Jul 2023  |  North America  |  Customer Research

    Frost & Sullivan Global Cloud User Survey, Q3, 2022

    Growing Revenue and Improving Customer Experience Drives Hybrid and Multi-cloud Adoption in Healthcare

    Frost & Sullivan’s recent global annual cloud survey’s primary goal is to determine cloud computing technology adoption among healthcare organizations, top business strategic goals, preferred cloud deployment models, information technology (IT), business challenges in cloud migration, and expansion opportunities for healthcare cloud providers. ...

  2. 30 Mar 2023  |  North America  |  Customer Research

    Global Laboratory Product Purchasing Trends, 2022–2023

    End–user Perspectives on Laboratory Spending Reveals Modest 2023 Budget Increases Following robust 2022 Spending

    Readers of one of Frost & Sullivan’s media partners were invited to participate in an online survey from October to November 2022 examining their laboratories’ product purchasing process in 2022 and expectations for 2023. Frost & Sullivan has conducted similar studies among the same targeted respondents since 2012. The study presents year-o...