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  1. 03 Jun 2016  |  Global  |  Strategic Forecasting

    The Future of Lighting

    A New Paradigm is Being Driven by Energy Efficiency, Smart Technology, New Business Models, and LED Penetration

    With the rapid rise of solid-state lighting (SSL) and integrated LED solutions, the lighting industry has been through an enormous transformation over the past few years. In 2016, LED will account for more than 50.0% of the sales; by 2025, this number is likely to reach 98.0%. This transformation will continue to bring enormous change to the compe...


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  2. 28 Mar 2012  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Emerging Countries DSD - Water Management Services


    Emerging Countries Decision Support Database on Water management services focuses on the water industries of various developing countries across regions. Measurements in this DSD service provide very useful information on water resources, water consumption, water supply, waste water management and water prices.


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  3. 30 Dec 2011  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Air Pollution Detection & Monitoring




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  4. 31 Dec 2009  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Decision Support Database - Water Management Services




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