1. 03 Aug 2022  |  North America

    US SD-WAN Enterprise Survey: Adoption Trends by Business Size

    SD-WAN Forms the Foundation to Digital Transformation Initiatives

    In this report, Frost & Sullivan provides a detailed analysis of the 2021 US SD-WAN survey conducted among different business sizes on their preferences for SD-WAN. The survey respondents are C-suite and IT/network decision-makers among different business sizes, including small businesses (250 to 499 employees), mid-size businesses (500 to 999 empl...

  2. This edition of IT, Computing and Communications (ITCC) Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) provides a snapshot on emerging ICT solutions powered by artificial Intelligence, Cloud Internet of Things, No-code and Natural Language Processing - based innovations that help companies to build AI infrastructures, developing content, language training pla...

  3. 29 Jul 2022  |  North America

    Digital Employee Experience Management Platform Growth Opportunities

    Enhancing Employee Satisfaction with New Technology

    Businesses’ requirement to better enable remote work and their focus on improving employee morale and satisfaction have increased the demand for platforms that manage and help improve digital employee experience (DEX). These platforms, which first started gain market prominence in 2019, help companies monitor employee interactions with corporate ...

  4. 29 Jul 2022  |  Global

    Digital Trends in Education–2022 Investment Plans Address Talent Shortage and Remote Learning

    Adapting to Meet the Needs of Modern Students

    Frost & Sullivan has identified that the education vertical is ripe for digital transformation and adoption of modern communications and collaboration technologies to improve operational efficiencies, improve instructor performance and enhance students’ experience. COVID-19 unmasked this sector’s lack of preparedness to address the sudden ne...

  5. 27 Jul 2022  |  Global

    Global Artificial Intelligence Growth Opportunities

    Transformative Mega Trends in AI Create ICT Growth

    As the Mega Trends shape the AI landscape, it will have a ripple effect on new revenue and growth opportunities for start-ups and global information and communication technology (ICT) companies. This research service identifies growth opportunities related to providing integration services to build customized solutions for AI, edge data centers, an...

  6. 21 Jul 2022  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Indian Data Center Colocation Services Growth Opportunities

    Transformational Growth in Hyperscale Demand Drives Data Center Colocation Services

    India dominates the South Asian data center colocation services market, contributing almost 88.1%. The current state will continue with the rapid demand growth of colocation services from the hyperscale cloud segment, OTT participants, and content providers in the next few years. The demand for hyperscale data center capacity has been growing in In...

  7. 21 Jul 2022  |  North America

    North American Data Center Colocation Services Growth Opportunities

    Enterprise Digital Transformation, Content Consumption, and Emerging New Locations Drive Future Growth Potential

    Data centers are at the core of the digital economy. Enterprises in North America have started using third-party colocation service providers increasingly. They focus on data centers to outsource their data operations. Colocated data centers help enterprises bring processing capacity closer to the data source. In addition, using this infrastructure...

  8. 18 Jul 2022  |  Global

    Global Multi-Access Edge Computing Growth Opportunities

    Increasing Deployment of Public MEC and 5G Networks Across Industries Drives Future Growth Potential

    Edge computing is computing that pushes intelligence, data processing, analytics, and communication capabilities to where the data originates: at network gateways or endpoints. The aim is to reduce latency and ensure highly efficient networks, operations, service delivery, and an improved user experience. By bringing computing closer to the data ...

  9. 18 Jul 2022  |  North America

    Global Cloud Contact Center Solutions Growth Opportunities

    Future Growth Potential of Cloud Contact Centers Driven by Increasing Demand for Agile Deployments and Remote Operations

    This Frost & Sullivan research service analyzes the global contact center (CC) solutions market, focusing on the cloud segment. The study categorizes the market into 4 key regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Caribbean and Latin America. Cloud CC solutions provide flexible scalability and better business continuity, disaster rec...

  10. This edition of the Cyber Security Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) covers innovations related to cyber security solutions powered by Zero Trust Network Access, Asset Vulnerability Management, Security Testing Correlation, Digital Risk Detection. Such innovations enable companies protect from threats, data breaches, phishing attacks and defend ...