1. 20 Dec 2023  |  Global

    Emerging Opportunities for Advanced Sensors in Agriculture

    Advanced sensor and IoT developments amidst increasing food security concerns are leading to transformational growth in agriculture

    This study explores the growth of sensor technologies and their application in the agriculture industry, particularly in the agritech sector. With sustainability becoming a global trend, governments, companies, and non-profit agencies have realized the potential offered by different sensing technologies for optimizing resource usage. Although not a...

  2. 18 Dec 2023  |  Global

    Synthetic Data: Future of AI and Emerging Ecosystems

    Transforms the Way Businesses Use Data and Generate Meaningful Insights

    Synthetic data is data generated artificially based on data collected from real-world occurrences. It is artificially generated data in the form of text, tables, images, and videos, among others. Synthetic data generation will address the challenge of inefficient datasets and privacy concerns. Generated using algorithms, it enables organization...

  3. 12 Dec 2023  |  Global

    Ethical AI: Ensuring Accountability from Automation

    Transparent data, bias mitigation, and privacy-enhancing technologies to ensure trustworthy data practices

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps reduce or even eliminate human interventions in a wide range of tasks such as speech recognition, decision-making, visual perception, and language translation. AI technologies are increasingly integrated into daily lives, and its influence is growingly visible across various industries. The approach emphasizing...

  4. 29 Sep 2023  |  Global

    Opportunity Assessment of Cloud Gaming Evolution in the 5G and 6G Era

    5G/6G Standards and Complementary Infrastructure Enable Cloud Adoption in a Rapidly Evolving Gaming Industry

    The cloud gaming sector is set to experience rapid growth because of the improvements in infrastructure and the availability of cost-effective technological solutions. The gaming industry is expanding with the increased adoption of mobile devices and penetration of 5G technology, which will lead to tough competition among gaming companies. Althoug...

  5. 12 Jun 2023  |  Global

    Industry Cloud Platforms: An End-to-end Specialized Solution

    Data-driven Insights Boost the Industry Cloud Platform Growth Pipeline

    An industry cloud platform is designed to meet the specific needs of respective industries. It provides sector-specific solutions and services through the cloud, such as data analytics, machine learning, and asset management, to help organizations improve efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation. The adoption of industry cloud platforms is...

  6. 30 May 2023  |  North America

    Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) Augments Human Capabilities and Possibilities

    A Journey into the World of Artificial Generation and Synthetic Creation

    Based on public data-trained models, Gen AI algorithms can generate new and creative information/data like the original content produced by humans. This phenomenon has created a massive buzz in the market, transforming how we search for information, create content, and conduct business. The latest developments in large language models and their ...

  7. 22 Dec 2022  |  Global

    Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Disrupting Financial Intermediaries

    Technology is Offering a Digital Alternative to Transform the Finance Industry

    Developers coined the term DeFi (defy) to illustrate eliminating regulatory parties and intermediaries from transactions, as multiple parties being involved in a transaction leads to low transparency and money loss for the user in a traditional financial system. DeFi allows clarity and transparency, giving users confidence and an understanding of ...


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  8. 21 Dec 2022  |  Global

    Supercomputers: Enabling Applications of the Future

    The Demand for High-performance Computing Boosts Future Growth Potential Across Application Areas

    A supercomputer is an interconnected system of processors, memory modules, input, and outputs (I/O), and network nodes, that collectively execute highly complex tasks in a significantly smaller time frame than a regular computer. A regular computer may take years to execute certain processes while a supercomputer can achieve those in minutes. Super...


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  9. 20 Dec 2022  |  Global

    Technologies Transforming HVAC Systems and Their Global Growth Opportunities

    Digital Transformation in HVAC Systems for Enhanced Efficiency and Convenience

    HVAC systems have been witnessing a major transformation with the inclusion of novel technologies, including IoT and artificial intelligence/machine learning. These technologies offer various benefits and improvements for legacy HVAC systems, such as improved efficiency, remote monitoring and control, energy savings, and reduced carbon emissions. ...


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  10. 19 Dec 2022  |  Global

    Security in the Internet of Things Value Chain

    Technology Strategy Formulation driven by an Understanding of Security Challenges and Key Stakeholder Responsibilities

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has been playing a critical role in accelerating digital transformation across various sectors, leading the IoT market to exponential growth in terms of revenue and the number of devices adopted. However, with billions of IoT devices in use and more to enter the fray with the introduction of 5G, it is becoming increasin...


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