1. 06 Mar 2024  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities in the Farm-to-Fork Cold Supply Chain

    A Comprehensive Analysis of Key Trends and Technologies

    The farm-to-fork (F2F) industry encompasses every stage that food passes through before it ends up on the consumer s tables. These stages include agricultural production, intermediate production, and retail trade and services. This study focuses on the cold supply chain of the F2F ecosystem, which specifically involves refrigerated storage and dist...

  2. 20 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Top 10 Growth Opportunities in Supply Chain and Logistics, 2024

    Uncovering the Vast Potential of Data-driven Decision Making and Collaboration

    Transformative technologies are poised to redefine traditional supply chain operations as businesses navigate cost management challenges, rising goods costs, and geopolitical influences on production and distribution toward a new normal characterized by transparency and resilience. Digital transformation and technology integration are integral to e...

  3. 08 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities for Smart Loading and Unloading Solutions in the Supply Chain

    Advanced Systems Promote Efficiency, Safety, and Accuracy

    This study focuses on the growth opportunities for smart loading and unloading practices in the supply chain and logistics industry. Smart loading and unloading refers to the use of sensors, robotics, data analytics, and connectivity solutions for the efficient, accurate, and safe loading of goods onto transport vehicles and unloading at their dest...

  4. 10 Aug 2020  |  Global

    Robotic Equipment in the Global Agtech Market, 2019 to 2026

    Agricultural Robotics Technology and Autonomous Equipment Are Crucial Amid Labor Shortages and Demand for Greater Output

    The influence on technology across global farming operations is a key element that will design the future of the agricultural industry. The industry attracts various digital technology solutions and robotic technology upgrades on agricultural equipment and for monitoring farming operations. Precision agriculture encompasses several areas of technol...

  5. 03 Jun 2020  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Transformation Trends in Dubai’s Logistics Industry, Forecast to 2023

    Effect of Disruptive Trends on Dubai’s Transport and Logistics Industry

    Since the early 2000s, Dubai has made significant economic improvement with the help of its economic diversification initiatives. Dubai’s transportation and logistics industry has also changed notably with low logistical and operational costs and favorable government policies attracting investors from around the world, marking the region as a gat...

  6. 17 Mar 2020  |  North America

    Opportunity Analysis on Russian Rail Market, Forecast to 2026

    Electrifying Infrastructure and Expanding Rail Lines Represent $84 Billion in Project Spend for the Passenger and Freight Rolling Stock Ecosystems

    Russia is expected to invest approximately $84 billion in railway projects by 2026 as the rail market undergoes major developments with several projects planned. This research looks at the key areas of fleet renewal in the passenger (locomotives, multiple units, coaches) and freight (locomotives, wagons) rail segments, high-speed rail (HSR) project...

  7. 28 Feb 2020  |  Global

    Transformational Trends in the Global Warehousing Market, Forecast to 2025

    Key Warehousing Trends Focusing on Emerging Business Models and Disruptive Digital Technologies Aiding Transformational Growth Strategies

    Warehousing is the cornerstone of the global logistics industry, playing a significant role in the storage and exchange of goods. Emergence and growth of eCommerce has reshaped warehousing market dynamics, with a rising demand for faster response and the ability to manage large order volumes. As the eCommerce industry continues to grow, the global ...

  8. 22 Jan 2020  |  Global

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Global Freight Transportation Industry, Forecast to 2025

    AI Plays an Important Role in Creating an Intelligent Operational Network, Enabling Transformational Growth Strategies in the Global Freight Transportation Industry

    This study analyses the key trends and applications of artificial intelligence in the freight transportation industry by mode of transport i.e. road, rail, air, and ocean freight transportation. This research also analyses the disruptive impact of artificial intelligence on freight transportation business operations and discusses its adoption prosp...

  9. 09 Dec 2019  |  North America

    Mexican Connected Truck Market, Forecast to 2025

    Telematics Solutions are Vital to Transportation Companies and Private Fleets in Terms of Addressing Pain-points Across Different Types of Industries

    The Mexican connected truck market is highly fragmented and comprises more than 50 telematics companies and leading OEMs. The transportation start-up ecosystem is small but is beginning to grow. Since 2016, the country has faced declining commercial vehicle (CV) sales; however, a marginal recovery has been recorded this year (2019). This growth tre...

  10. 03 Dec 2019  |  North America

    Global Cross-border eCommerce Market, Forecast to 2025

    Borders are Fading with Cross-border eCommerce’s Explosive Growth Demanding Logistics Participants to Re-strategize and Adopt New Business Models

    The explosive growth of cross-border eCommerce is supported by the increasingly young and urban population with easy access to technology such as mobile phones and tablets. Cross-border eCommerce trade between Europe and Asia is significant, with China being the most popular country for online shoppers in the West, driven by low prices and a wide v...