1. 10 Apr 2024  |  North America

    US Foreign Military Sales Sector Growth Opportunities

    Indigenization of Defense Systems in Allied Nations May Negatively Impact Industry Growth

    This analysis provides a snapshot of the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) industry in the United States. It analyzes relevant contracting activities, including multi-year obligations, by the US Department of Defense (DoD) in CY2023. Based on major arms classification, it categorizes the industry into: 1. Fixed-Wing Aircraft (FWA) 2. Rotary-Wing Airc...

  2. 03 Apr 2024  |  Global

    Insights for CISOs Mobile Threat Defense Solutions

    Growth Opportunities for Expanding Mobile Device Protection

    This insight details trends and main concepts surrounding mobile threat defense (MTD), specifically for CISOs. It discusses the impact that evolving work methods, specifically bring-your-own-device (BYOD), has had on mobile security importance and the requirements CISOs should look for in a MTD solution. Additionally, some prominent MTD vendors wil...

  3. 29 Mar 2024  |  Europe

    European Managed Security Services Growth Opportunities

    Amidst Geopolitical Chaos, Finding a True Security Partner is Increasingly Essential

    This study focuses on the European managed security services (MSS) industry. Managed security service providers (MSSPs) supply their clients with comprehensive security solutions, including distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, managed firewalls, and breach simulation services, predominantly through security operation centers (SOCs). Eme...

  4. 28 Mar 2024  |  North America

    Commercial Drone Data Analysis Software Growth Opportunities

    Sensor Integration to Enhance the Customer Experience

    This study explores the dynamic landscape of the commercial drone data analysis software market, providing a comprehensive analysis of growth drivers, restraints, trends, and challenges. The study investigates the most common end-use industries that leverage drone data analysis software and presents insightful case studies that highlight successful...

  5. 12 Mar 2024  |  North America

    US Department of Defense C4ISR Competitive Assessment and Growth Opportunities

    Traditional Defense Firms Remain Leaders Despite the Adoption of Commercial IT

    This analysis focuses on US Department of Defense (DoD) command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) contracting information for research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E); procurement; and services. The analyst has segmented contracting data by military department and overall leading ...

  6. 12 Mar 2024  |  North America

    Global Anti-tank Missile Growth Opportunities

    Battlefield Operational Advancements Catalyzing Anti-tank Warfare Solutions

    The Russo-Ukrainian war and the Israeli military campaign against the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza both underscore the importance of maneuvering armored vehicles to maximize military objectives on the battlefield. As a result of the impressive operational performance of MBTs, there is increasing demand for affordable, user-friendly, and lethal ant...

  7. 12 Mar 2024  |  Global

    Voice of Customer: Global Banking and Financial Services Security Trends

    Growth Opportunities Gleaned from a Survey of Enterprise End Users Who Influence Cybersecurity Budgets

    Because of digitalization initiatives, the bring-your-own-device trend, and the sheer number of internet of things-enabled devices, banking and financial services organizations have found themselves connected to a vast digital ecosystem vulnerable to many threats. In this fast-changing cybersecurity landscape, organizations are ready to make signif...

  8. 27 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Frost Radar : Heavy-Lift Cargo Drones, 2024

    A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

    This research benchmarks the leading companies in the emerging heavy-lift cargo drone industry based on two criteria: growth and innovation. The companies selected for inclusion have already generated revenue (which makes a small portion of the sector) and have an extensive backlog of orders, a mature prototype, and plans to start manufacturing dur...

  9. 19 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Global Drone Civilian Infrastructure Inspection Growth Opportunities

    Advancements in AI Technology Propel UAS Adoption in Infrastructure Inspection

    This Frost & Sullivan research service is focused on analyzing the segment of infrastructure inspection within the commercial drone market, highlighting the use of drone systems for inspection work, mainly civilian infrastructure, such as bridges, powerlines, and roads. This study focuses on how current global trends are shaping this market and...

  10. 14 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Framework in Commercial Aviation Growth Opportunities

    Financial Support and Sustainability Policies from the Government will Drive the Future Growth Potential of ESG Implementation

    This report offers insights into the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework in the commercial aviation industry. The commercial aviation industry is focusing on ways to decarbonize its operations. However, there is an urgent need for common standards for the adoption and benchmarking of sustainable practices. The industry will need t...