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  1. 05 Jun 2024  |  North America  |  Economic and Databases

    US DoD C4ISR Growth Opportunities

    Sharp Spending Increases in Command & Control and Communications Research

    This Frost & Sullivan research service focuses on US Department of Defense (DoD) command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) budget spending. The study includes research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E); procurement; operations and maintenance (O&M); and other services. C4ISR spe...

  2. 10 Jul 2012  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Aerospace & Defense - Emerging Countries


    Emerging Countries Decision Support Database on Aerospace & Defense is a compendium of spreadsheet tables, which includes meaningful measurement categories to offer a comprehensive picture of the aerospace & defense industry of the emerging countries. The measurements under this Decision Support Database are clubbed under Aircraft Products & Servic...

  3. 02 Apr 2012  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Decision Support Database - Economics & Demographics


    Economics and Demographics Decision Support Database Service is a compendium of various Economic, Demographic and Topographic measurements which are critical for any business to evaluate the external environment it operates into. In todays highly competitive market, it has become extremely important for the businesses to understand the changing en...

  4. 28 Feb 2012  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Economics and Demographics - Emerging Countries



  5. 01 Feb 2012  |  Africa  |  Economic and Databases

    Economic 360 for South Africa: Growth Prospects and Emerging Opportunities in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

    Economic Policy, Recovery and Growth Influencing the South African Aerospace and Defense Industry

    South Africa is a democratic republic with a stable political system. The economic environment is forecast to remain stable, with policy focus on employment creation through growth and stability. The country has a long-established aerospace and defense industry with large international contracts driving local manufacturing. The aerospace industry h...

  6. 25 Jan 2012  |  Asia Pacific  |  Economic and Databases

    Economic 360 for China: Growth Prospects and Emerging Opportunities in the Aerospace Industry

    Industry and infrastructure upgrades, and technology breakthroughs to drive aerospace industry

    China has been the fastest growing economy, expanding at 10.0 percent annually, driven by exports and investment. High priority is given to economic restructuring, from an export-driven to consumption-driven economy during the 12th five year plan period. The aerospace industry is a driver of economic growth, supported by government initiatives and ...

  7. 19 Oct 2011  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Decision Support Database - Aircraft Products and Services


    Aircraft Products & Services Decision Support Database is designed to provide an overview of the Aircraft Industry through measurements on Military & Commercial aircraft, Airports, Military expenditure and Economic trends.

  8. 26 Aug 2011  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Emerging Market Growth Series: Latin America - Two to Tango: Brazil and Chile

    Frost & Sullivan experts get together to present a series of executive briefings on the importance of emerging markets and why they are not just an option, but a necessity. We will be looking at the following markets through the course of this financial year: 1. Latin America - Brazil and Chile 2. Asia Pacific - South Korea and Indonesia 3. East...

  9. 16 Aug 2011  |  Global  |  Economic and Databases

    Decision Support Database - Global Positioning Systems



  10. Russian defense is one of the largest sectors in the country along with the energy and heavy industries. Russia is the second largest exporter of weapons in the world, but its infrastructure needs in-depth modernisation. The various reforms launched by the Government aim at improving business climate, regulations and strengthening cooperation with ...