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  1. 05 Jun 2024  |  North America  |  Economic and Databases

    US DoD C4ISR Growth Opportunities

    Sharp Spending Increases in Command & Control and Communications Research

    This Frost & Sullivan research service focuses on US Department of Defense (DoD) command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) budget spending. The study includes research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E); procurement; operations and maintenance (O&M); and other services. C4ISR spe...

  2. 08 Dec 2023  |  Global  |  Market Outlook

    Top 10 Growth Opportunities in Defense, 2024

    New Operational Concepts to Meet a Mix of Advanced Technology and Traditional Military Equipment

    The defense industry will continue to face several challenges in 2024 as armed forces with limited financial resources worldwide will seek to modernize their equipment. Countering new threats, such as hypersonic missiles and unmanned loitering munitions, requires new operational thinking and technology advancements from the defense industry. This s...

  3. 30 Jan 2023  |  Global  |  Market Outlook

    Growth Opportunity Outlook in the Aerospace & Defense Industry

    Aerospace and Defense Industry Growth Opportunities

    Top growth opportunities in the Aerospace & Defense program area cover the commercial aviation, spacecraft, unmanned systems, and defense markets. Technologies and services often overlap, and industry participants will have opportunities with civilian and military customers in 2023. The commercial aviation industry is on the rebound, with increasin...


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  4. 30 May 2021  |  North America  |  Market Outlook

    Expansion of Regional Air Networks and Clear Legal Frameworks are the Growth Enablers for the Central American Commercial Aerospace Industry, Outlook 2021

    Future Growth Potential can be Realized by Leveraging Skilled Labor and Regional Fleets

    Central America is a natural vacation destination for North American tourists. However, the regions social and political situation has prevented the regions commercial aerospace industry from realizing its full potential. While most destinations in Central America have decent point-to-point connectivity from major cities, they severely lack intra c...


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  5. 26 May 2021  |  Global  |  Market Outlook

    Global Commercial UAS Outlook, 2021

    Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Platforms will Drive Adoption of Commercial Drones for a Growing Range of Applications

    The commercial unmanned aerial system (UAS) market continues to grow globally and was accelerated in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic response. Autonomy and artificial intelligence (AI) are, and will remain, the main drivers promoting commercial UAS adoption and associated market growth because autonomous flight reduces the need for expensive manp...


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  6. 16 Jun 2020  |  North America  |  Market Outlook

    Global Defence Outlook, 2020

    Continuing High Global Tensions will Call for a Spike in Military Spending; However, the COVID-19 Induced Economic Recession will Severely Restrict Defence Budgets

    The defence outlook for 2020 will be driven primarily by a period of instability and high levels of tension due to various factors, including a global pandemic (Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19), which will be explored by region in this research. The effects of COVID-19 on the defence industry are still to be fully understood. The impact will predomina...


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  7. 25 May 2020  |  North America  |  Market Outlook

    Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Defence Industry

    Preparing for the Rebound

    The global defence spending was recorded at $1.8 trillion in 2018; the highest spending recorded, to date. The COVID-19 epidemic is likely to reduce defence spending as governments around the world allocate funds for both fighting the pandemic and reviving the economy. COVID-19 is a dual crisis—public health and economic downturn—unlike any oth...


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  8. 26 Mar 2020  |  North America  |  Market Outlook

    Global Commercial UAS Market Outlook, 2020

    A Nascent Market that is Transitioning to a Steady Growth Market with Several Growth Opportunities Yet to Be Realized

    The commercial UAS platform market continues to grow, but the growth rate is slowing. The market is maturing to the point where companies, both institutional users and third-party services providers, understand what platforms, subsystems, software, and operating procedures work best to achieve repeatable results and a high return on investment. Hen...


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  9. 04 Mar 2020  |  North America  |  Market Outlook

    2020 Global Commercial Aerospace Outlook

    The Pressure is off in the Long-standing Duopoly between Boeing and Airbus as Boeing will Now have to Regroup and Recover

    The global commercial aerospace market saw a year of turmoil in 2019 as the Boeing 737 MAX saga disrupted production. 2020 is going to be a year of reconfiguration that will not only affect Boeing, but the entire industry as well. The company is going to be pressured to make a large announcement this year in terms of a future airframe that will bri...


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  10. 06 Aug 2019  |  Global  |  Market Outlook

    Global Space Industry Outlook, 2019 and Beyond

    Small Satellites and Downstream Digital Transformations are Driving Innovation and Growth Opportunities Across the Space Industry Value Chain

    The space industry, across the value chain, is witnessing disruption from the influx of new space systems, products, and services. The industry is becoming highly competitive and a major focus is on developing flexible and affordable solutions for end customers. Satellite platforms are becoming more agile and robust with the execution of software-b...


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