1. 22 Dec 2023  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the European UCaaS Market Forecast to 2029

    Market Growth Returns to Normal as UCaaS Proves its Merits Amid Recent Macro Disruptions

    Macro-economic and socio-political trends have considerably impacted the European UCaaS market since early 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic-related lockdowns triggered a massive shift to remote and hybrid work, disrupted supply chains and business models in many industries, and highlighted the need for digital transformation. Many economies are now ...

  2. 22 Dec 2023  |  Global  |  Market Research

    State of the Global Video Conferencing Devices Market Forecast to 2028

    Challenging Market Conditions and Cautionary Enterprise Spending Put Brakes on Growth: Long-term Momentum for Video Adoption will Continue

    The $3.28 billion global video conferencing devices market is undergoing fundamental shifts due to massive work and workplace transformation. In 2023, most customers took a measured approach to video-enabling meeting rooms, focusing first on bringing employees back to the office. Adverse macroeconomic conditions, geopolitical instability, and budge...

  3. 18 Dec 2023  |  Global  |  Customer Research

    Equipping Frontline Workers with Digital Tools for Success Amid Skilled Labor Shortages

    The Right Communications Solutions Boost Frontline Worker Productivity, Comfort, and Safety

    Frontline workers are a key part of the workforce in the majority of organizations. Out of approximately 2.5 Billion deskless/frontline workers around the world, an estimated one billion require tailored communications and collaboration tools to complete their job tasks. Frontline workers comprise a diverse category of workers that typically do ...

  4. 15 Dec 2023  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    5G Predictions and Market Trends in Asia-Pacific

    Mobile Operators Transitioning from Consumer Logic to Growth Logic will be Necessary for Survival

    By 2027, 82.2% of major mobile operators in Asia-Pacific (APAC) will remain as telcos, with 25% likely to exit or become MVNOs. Only 17.8% of major mobile operators in APAC will become Techcos (technology companies). Being passive and dependent on vendors for innovation has made the industry weak in driving innovation, leveraging technology, and th...

  5. 13 Dec 2023  |  North America  |  Tracker

    Apple Performance Tracker, Q3 2023

    Smartphones, Services, and Wearables Generated the Best Growth Opportunities in 2023

    This Frost & Sullivan tracker provides metrics on Apple's quarterly performance (for both unit sales and revenues) for iPads, iPhones, Macs, and other products, such as iPods, Apple TVs, Beats Electronics, and Apple-branded and third-party accessories. This tracker includes historical quarterly data for all of these categories from Q1 2007 to Q4 20...

  6. 11 Dec 2023  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Growth Opportunities in the Telco-to-techco Transition in APAC

    Simplification, New Cost Structures, and Collaboration Partnerships to Ensure Future Growth Potential

    By 2027, 82.2% of major mobile operators in APAC will remain telcos with 25% of them likely to exit or become mobile virtual network operations (MVNOs). Only 17.8% of major mobile operators in APAC will become techcos. The telecoms industry continues to face challenges driving growth from all angles: subscriber, revenue, or investment. Expectations...

  7. 11 Dec 2023  |  Latin America  |  Market Research

    Latin American and Caribbean UCaaS and Cloud Meeting Services Growth Opportunities

    UCaaS and CCaaS Integration Enhances Growth Potential

    This study provides insights into the Latin American and Caribbean (CALA) unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and cloud meeting services market. CALA has been facing a tough investment climate due to economic deceleration, exacerbated by political uncertainties. These challenges are expected to persist, with contracted global trade, continu...

  8. 08 Dec 2023  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Growth Opportunities in the APAC UCaaS Market

    Low UCaaS Penetration Makes APAC a HotBed for US-born UCaaS Providers

    This study provides an in-depth analysis of the APAC UCaaS market, including a forecast of installed users and average prices until 2029. The study discusses the state of UCaaS adoption and the growth potential across the five countries/sub-regions, including ASEAN, ANZ, India, Japan, and South Korea. Furthermore, this study provides market share a...

  9. 06 Dec 2023  |  Asia Pacific  |  Customer Research

    2023 SD-WAN and SASE Voice of Customer: APAC View

    Businesses in the Region are Embracing These Solutions to Support Digitalization and Strengthen Security

    In May and June 2023, Frost & Sullivan conducted a global survey of network decision makers to understand businesses perceptions and purchase decisions regarding SD-WAN and SASE. This report examines responses from APAC businesses of various sizes in verticals including financial services, healthcare, retail, education, government, technology, and...

  10. 30 Nov 2023  |  North America  |  Tracker

    North American Mobile Tracker, Q3 2023

    5G Mobile Computing, Fixed Wireless Access, Wearables, and IoT Devices to Ensure Future Growth Potential of North American Mobile Operators

    The continued penetration of high-speed broadband services into advanced mobile devices, developments in the cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) markets, and the resurgence of unlimited mobile plans are the top drivers of the North American mobile communications market. This tracker presents metrics for leading mobile ope...