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  1. 27 Dec 2017  |  Africa  |  Market Research

    Healthcare Infrastructure in Nigeria, Key Opportunities 2017–2020

    Rapid Urbanization, Growing Disposable Income, and Expanding Health Insurance Coverage Will Raise the Demand for Quality Specialty Care Throughout the Forecast Period

    Nigeria has the largest consumer base in Sub-Saharan region. A larger part of the population living in urban areas is a favorable indicator for market entry. Robust growth of around 7% for the past decade is threatened by macroeconomic challenges, particularly exchange-rate volatility and falling global oil prices that impact public-sector spending...

  2. 30 Nov 2017  |  Africa  |  Market Outlook

    Africa Healthcare Industry Outlook, 2017

    Gearing Towards Universal Healthcare Coverage and Leveraging Partnerships to Improve Access to Services

    In this research deliverable, Frost & Sullivan’s analyst team provides bold perspectives and predictions for the African healthcare industry in 2017. The markets covered include pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, in-vitro diagnostics, medical devices, medical imaging and healthcare IT. The analysis captures the impact of trends that are expected ...

  3. 27 Sep 2017  |  Africa  |  Market Research

    East African Pharmaceutical Market, Forecast to 2021

    Generic Pharmaceutical Products Continue to Dominate with Increased Foreign Direct Investment by Asian Manufacturers

    Pharmaceutical markets in Sub-Saharan Africa are experiencing rapid growth as governments and healthcare providers battle with their respective burdens of disease. The continent has one of the highest burdens of disease, such as HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis, yet has limited healthcare resources and spending. As such there are great opportunities ...

  4. 21 Dec 2016  |  Africa  |  Market Research

    African Pharmaceuticals Market, Forecast to 2020

    Assessing Market Potential with a Focus on Kenya and Nigeria

    The pharmaceuticals market in Africa is expected to reach a business opportunity of $45 billion in 2020, propelled by a convergence of changing economic profiles, rapid urbanisation, increased healthcare spending and investment, and increasing incidence of chronic lifestyle diseases. The tropical climate of Africa makes the continent the largest re...

  5. 27 May 2016  |  Africa  |  Market Research

    Pharmaceutical Market Access Strategy for Ethiopia

    Landscaping New Investment Opportunities Across the Pharmaceutical Value Chain

    Scope of the report The research report includes the following segments: Product scope: Pharmaceutical Products Geographic scope: Ethiopia End-user scope: Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Pharmaceutical distributors, Healthcare providers, Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMO) Revenue analysis and forecasts, drivers and restraints, business opp...

  6. 17 May 2016  |  Africa  |  Market Research

    East African Knee and Hip Replacement Products Markets, Forecast to 2020

    Demographic and Economic Changes Spark New, High-Growth Investment Opportunities

    The study analyses the East African joint replacement market to establish the current operating environment and market dynamics. Furthermore, this research service analyses the drivers, restraints, and reimbursement scenario, and scrutinizes relevant upcoming projects. The research methodology of this study is based on primary interviews and second...

  7. 18 Apr 2016  |  Africa  |  Market Outlook

    Africa Healthcare Industry Outlook, 2016

    Value-based Transformations in Home Diagnostic Technologies, Exclusive Drugs, and Improved Point of Care Energise Healthcare Ecosystem

    Africa is experiencing a plethora of changes in the healthcare segment. From being the market of imports and low-value manufacturing, the continent is transforming into a region of tailor-made medical equipment that is compatible with telemedicine solutions. There is an increase in the in-country production of pharmaceuticals, smart phone applicati...

  8. 29 Jan 2016  |  Africa  |  Market Research

    Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Market, Forecast to 2020

    Preference for Generic Prescription Drugs to Create New Market Dynamics, Demand for Anti-Infectives Rises

    This study offers an insight into the pharmaceutical industry of Ethiopia, where preference for generic, prescription drugs is growing. There is information on recent reforms introduced by the government (like tax benefits for in-country production, national strategy, and plan of action for pharmaceutical manufacturing development, growth and trans...

  9. 25 Oct 2013  |  Africa  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the Nigerian Patient Monitor Market

    Urbanisation is the Key Market Growth Driver

    This research service provides an analysis of patient monitors within Nigeria, both in the public sector and private sector markets during the period 2012 to 2019. This research service was compiled using primary and secondary research as the principle methods of data gathering. The patient monitor market is segmented into 3 main product segments ...

  10. 10 Aug 2012  |  Africa  |  Market Research

    The Pharmaceutical Industry in Ethiopia

    Identifying and Evaluating Market Trends for Specific Therapeutic Agents

    This research service presents the findings on the pharmaceutical market in Ethiopia. The research service presents an overview of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry structure of the country. The market size and growth of the total Ethiopian pharmaceutical market, including six main therapeutic segments that characterize the prescription dr...