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  1. 30 Nov 2017  |  Africa  |  Market Outlook

    Africa Healthcare Industry Outlook, 2017

    Gearing Towards Universal Healthcare Coverage and Leveraging Partnerships to Improve Access to Services

    In this research deliverable, Frost & Sullivan’s analyst team provides bold perspectives and predictions for the African healthcare industry in 2017. The markets covered include pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, in-vitro diagnostics, medical devices, medical imaging and healthcare IT. The analysis captures the impact of trends that are expected ...

  2. 18 Apr 2016  |  Africa  |  Market Outlook

    Africa Healthcare Industry Outlook, 2016

    Value-based Transformations in Home Diagnostic Technologies, Exclusive Drugs, and Improved Point of Care Energise Healthcare Ecosystem

    Africa is experiencing a plethora of changes in the healthcare segment. From being the market of imports and low-value manufacturing, the continent is transforming into a region of tailor-made medical equipment that is compatible with telemedicine solutions. There is an increase in the in-country production of pharmaceuticals, smart phone applicati...