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  1. 20 Mar 2018  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa  |  Market Research

    Indian Analog X-ray and Digital and Computed Radiography Markets, Forecast to 2020

    Increasing Demand and Heightened Domestic Market Competition Continues to Spur Market Growth

    The study aims to analyze and forecast the X-ray market in India, featuring analog X-ray and computed and digital radiography segments. Total India X-ray market overview, segment market analysis (for analog X-ray, computed radiography and digital radiography), market share analysis, revenue forecast from 2013 to 2020, pricing analysis for 2015, se...

  2. 21 Feb 2018  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the Indian Endoscopy Devices Market, Forecast to 2019

    Advancements in Imaging and Medical Tourism Fuel Market Growth

    The Indian endoscopy devices market is growing while the average price of scopes is decreasing. The market is driven by the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, private healthcare services, and medical tourism. This growth is primarily attributed to the expanding healthcare facilities and the increase in the number of procedures. India has less ...

  3. 08 Jan 2018  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa  |  Market Research

    Opportunities in the Healthcare Market in Bahrain

    Ministry of Health’s new projects and mandatory health insurance to create investment opportunities

    This Industry Docket provides a brief overview of the healthcare opportunity landscape in Bahrain, its position among GCC countries, its health indicators and availability of healthcare facilities, changing scenarios of payer and providers, past and future trends in inpatients and outpatients. Infrastructure and care division across the private and...