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  1. 18 Jun 2014  |  Asia Pacific  |  Tracker

    Application Delivery Controller Market in Asia-Pacific 2013 Tracker

    Increasing Adoption of Cloud Services Key Driver for Market Growth

    The Asia-Pacific (APAC) application delivery controller (ADC) market posted an 8.8% growth on a YoY basis in 2013. The slowdown in the market could be attributed to the weaker business climate in the region, which affected enterprise propensity to spend on IT, as well as resulted in enterprises opting to prioritize investments in other technology s...

  2. 08 Feb 2013  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Global Smart Card Forecaster - Core Industry Shipment/ Revenue Outlook

    Smart Card Unit Shipment Growth will Slow Down to Single-digit Rates by 2014

    Smart card vendors continue to move from provisioning of physical cards to the delivery of smart card-related software and services. The commoditization of physical smart cards and the progressive digitalization of services have forced smart card vendors to re-think their strategies and focus on the services side of their business. Frost & Sullivan...