1. 12 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities in Heat Transfer Fluids

    Strategic Acquisitions and Partnerships Will Prove Key to Business Expansion

    Heat transfer fluids offer significant functional advantages to end users across industries. For instance, they deliver superior thermal management that augments the life of critical industrial machinery and equipment as well as reduces costly plant downtime caused by equipment failure associated with poor thermal management. The development of tec...

  2. 12 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Innovation Waves in Immuno-oncology Therapy Development

    Next-gen Cell Therapies and Precision Immunotherapies are Driving Growth and New Product Development

    Immuno-oncology (I-O) therapies target tumors by harnessing the host s immune system. With the growing incidence and prevalence of various types of aggressive and refractory cancers, the next-generation I-O therapy pipeline has witnessed significant growth. Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell therapy and tumor-targeted antibody therapies, includ...

  3. 09 Feb 2024  |  North America

    North American Network Access Services, 2023

    Businesses Technology Strategies are Prioritizing Secured Connectivity, Emphasizing the Need for Dedicated Access Services

    This research study examines the North American network access services market from 2022 to 2027. The network access services analyzed in this report include dedicated internet access (DIA), wavelength, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), and Ethernet services. The report discusses the overall status of the network access services market, examine...

  4. 08 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Sustainability as a Growth Imperative in Airline Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Services

    Industry Collaborations Promoting Sustainable Aviation Fuel Acceptance and Implementation

    MRO providers promote sustainable practices, but require significant changes in their traditional work operations. MROs can foster sustainability by facilitating necessary changes, such as the use of electric trucks, digital technologies, biodegradable materials, and energy-efficient machinery. MRO operators should classify greenhouse gas (GHG) e...

  5. 08 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Passenger Vehicle Smart Actuators Growth Opportunities

    OEMs Shifting toward CASE Convergence and Rise of Software-defined Vehicles to Drive Growth Potential

    The automotive industry has relied on actuators for quite some time. These components convert energy into motion, using electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic control. Smart actuators are an improvement over traditional actuators, and they work in tandem with the surrounding sensors and electronics to provide adjustments on the fly. Programmable logic a...

  6. 08 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities for Smart Loading and Unloading Solutions in the Supply Chain

    Advanced Systems Promote Efficiency, Safety, and Accuracy

    This study focuses on the growth opportunities for smart loading and unloading practices in the supply chain and logistics industry. Smart loading and unloading refers to the use of sensors, robotics, data analytics, and connectivity solutions for the efficient, accurate, and safe loading of goods onto transport vehicles and unloading at their dest...

  7. 07 Feb 2024  |  North America

    Global Manufacturing Execution Systems Growth Opportunities

    Disruptive Technologies and New Business Models are Transforming the Industrial Automation Landscape

    The evolution of different kinds of industrial software is leading to the expansion of their functionalities, blurring the lines that make them distinct. The race towards higher levels of automation demands vendors and manufacturers be aware of emerging trends and market dynamics to remain competitive. This report delves into the basic functions of...

  8. 07 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Top 10 Growth Opportunities in the Global Economy, 2024

    Expect Mild Slowdown as Sustainability, Multipolarity, Digitalization, and Fiscal Prudence Take Center Stage

    Despite the global economy outperforming expectations and avoiding a recession in 2023, Frost & Sullivan expects a mild growth slowdown in 2024 as tight monetary conditions, diminishing consumer confidence, weak trade prospects, and subdued housing markets in key regions weigh on momentum. However, with policymakers managing to put inflation on...

  9. 07 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Top 10 Growth Opportunities in Chemicals, 2024

    Alternative Feedstocks and Product Innovation Will Create Major Opportunities in 2024

    As we enter 2024, the chemical industry is going through a period of unprecedented change. Three interrelated Mega Trends are underpinning this change. For chemical companies today, sustainability is the top challenge. The pressure to migrate away from fossil fuels as a feedstock is combined with a desire to reduce the direct carbon emissions (a...

  10. 07 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Global Software Supply Chain Security Growth Opportunities

    Shift-left Security and Increasing Need for End-to-end Software Development Life Cycle Visibility Drive SSCS Growth Potential

    Adoption of software supply chain security (SSCS) solutions will maintain steady growth during the next 5 years, mainly because of increasing SSCS risks that result from digitization; the inability of traditional application security approaches to safeguard applications or address SSCS; the surging use of open-source and third-party code, tools, an...