1. 06 Nov 2023  |  Global

    Technological Advances that Overcome Challenges to Alternative Protein Development and Commercialization

    A Visionary Perspective on R&D and Innovation Effort

    The growing global demand for sustainable and ethical food sources has led to significant advancements in alternative proteins. From plant-based proteins to cellular agriculture and novel fermentation techniques, researchers and industry pioneers are leveraging biotechnology, data analytics, and process optimization to enhance the efficiency and sc...

  2. 31 Oct 2023  |  Global

    Generative AI in the Chemicals and Materials Industry: Technology Advances and Growth Opportunities

    Generative AI Integration Promises Transformational Growth with Higher ROI and Increased Margins

    Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is emerging as a game changer in the chemicals and materials industry. This technology, which combines advanced machine learning with vast data resources, has the potential to transform the industry by driving innovation, efficiency, and ecologically sound practices. Gen AI allows for faster research and d...

  3. 30 Oct 2023  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities for Compound Semiconductors in Automotive

    Vehicle Electrification and Need for High-efficiency High-voltage Charging Systems to Drive Growth Potential

    A compound semiconductor (CS) consists of two or more elements from different groups in the periodic table, such as gallium arsenide (GaAs), GaN, indium phosphide (InP), and silicon germanium. In the automotive industry, CSs have several advantages over elemental semiconductors (e.g., silicon [Si]). They operate at higher frequencies and temperatur...

  4. 24 Oct 2023  |  Global

    FinOps: Current Ecosystem and State and Future Roadmap and Growth Opportunities

    FinOps is an Emerging and Increasingly Important Concept that Facilitates Cloud Usage Optimization through Astute Cloud Financial Management.

    Cloud has emerged as the most significant facilitating technological force behind digitalization efforts across industries and geographies. Owing to inherent benefits related to scale and flexibility, public cloud has witnessed rapid adoption and continues to enjoy increased uptake across enterprises and government entities. Increased adoption of ...

  5. 18 Oct 2023  |  North America

    Growth Opportunities in Smart Implant Technologies

    Miniaturized Sensors and Artificial Intelligence-powered Digital Solutions Improve Smart Implants' Monitoring Capabilities

    Smart implants are medical devices that incorporate sensors, electronics, and wireless communication technologies to provide unprecedented diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. In this report, Frost & Sullivan analyzes smart implants with monitoring capabilities that can track different implant types and provide patient health data to clinicia...

  6. 17 Oct 2023  |  Global

    Technology and IP Analysis of Upcycled Polymers

    Focus on Sustainability and Need for High-performance, Environment-friendly Polymers Drives Advances in Upcycling Technologies

    Although use of polymers is steadily increasing globally, the rate of recycling these plastics is still less than 10%, resulting in approximately 50% of the plastic waste getting dumped in landfills. This occurs primarily because existing chemical and mechanical recycling processes have low recycling rates, high energy consumption, and are often ex...

  7. 09 Oct 2023  |  Global

    Advances in Mitochondrial Disease Management

    Intensifying R&D and Building a Differentiated Pipeline will Bolster the Rapidly Growing Ecosystem.

    Mitochondria are vital structures in the human body, and they play an active role in several processes. They are widely recognized as the powerhouses of the cell because of their essential function in energy production. In addition, mitochondria have a significant impact on several functions of the human body; as a result, any dysfunction in mitoch...

  8. 04 Oct 2023  |  Global

    Technology Advances and Growth Opportunities in Laboratory Automation

    Robotics and AI Enable a Paradigm Shift to Remote and Autonomous Lab Work

    Clinical diagnostics, life science research, genomics and proteomics, and drug discovery labs are adopting lab automation solutions to overcome tremendous operational pressure because of the demand for high throughput and shortage of technicians. Solutions that automate pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical processes are available. The re...

  9. 29 Sep 2023  |  Global

    Opportunity Assessment of Cloud Gaming Evolution in the 5G and 6G Era

    5G/6G Standards and Complementary Infrastructure Enable Cloud Adoption in a Rapidly Evolving Gaming Industry

    The cloud gaming sector is set to experience rapid growth because of the improvements in infrastructure and the availability of cost-effective technological solutions. The gaming industry is expanding with the increased adoption of mobile devices and penetration of 5G technology, which will lead to tough competition among gaming companies. Althoug...

  10. 27 Sep 2023  |  Global

    Sustainable Technologies and Initiatives in the Manufacturing Industry

    Development and Adoption of Energy-efficient Solutions to Reduce Environmental Impacts

    The manufacturing industry is under growing regulatory scrutiny to minimize carbon emissions and adopt more sustainable manufacturing technologies through digitization. Sustainable manufacturing involves producing products and developing carbon-neutral factories that pose minimal negative environmental impact while conserving energy and natural res...