1. 21 Feb 2024  |  Global

    US Laboratory Product Purchasing Trends, 2023 2024

    An End-User Perspective on Spending and Growth Opportunities

    Qualified respondents to this Frost & Sullivan survey were invited to participate in a telephone interview examining their laboratory s product purchasing process in 2023 and expectations for 2024. Frost & Sullivan has conducted similar studies among the same targeted respondents since 2012. The survey provides companies with actionable and trendin...

  2. 21 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Impact of Composite Fabrication Technology Trends on Raw Materials

    Increasing Focus on Lightweighting Ensures Future Growth Potential

    Composite materials are made from two of more heterogenous materials comprising of the matrix (polymer) and reinforcement (fiber). Composite materials are virtually used in every industry and are witnessing a rapid growth in its demand. This is due to the increasing demand to make end products high-performance and energy efficient. A variety of...

  3. 21 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Global Managed Detection and Response Growth Opportunities

    Competitive Intensity Drives AI-powered Innovation and Extended Service Offerings in the Rapidly Evolving and Fast-growing MDR Space

    MDR is a managed security service that provides a combination of security tools, controls, and human expertise to deliver proactive 24x7 monitoring of a security environment and perform detection and response. While organizations have been providing SOC services for many years, MDR as a service has evolved. The change is due to fierce competition f...

  4. 21 Feb 2024  |  North America

    Global Growth Opportunities in the Electric Transit Bus and Coach Market, 2030

    Europe, North America, and India Will Experience a Resurgence of the Industry

    Emission regulations, battery price drop, the emergence of low emission zones, purchase subsidy, and tax exemptions will drive electric bus growth across the world. The growing adoption of electric transit buses has opened the path for global sourcing and supply of alternate powertrain buses. The industry is fertile ground for strong collaborations...

  5. 20 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Top 10 Growth Opportunities in Personal Protective Equipment, 2024

    Sustainability and Connectivity Will Be the Keys to Growth

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a growing and lucrative industry globally. As the PPE industry struggles with pricing pressures, growing inflation, and global economic uncertainty, successful stakeholders offer strategic product differentiation by adapting their products to changing consumer and regional preferences, and by digitalizing s...

  6. 20 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Top 10 Growth Opportunities in Supply Chain and Logistics, 2024

    Uncovering the Vast Potential of Data-driven Decision Making and Collaboration

    Transformative technologies are poised to redefine traditional supply chain operations as businesses navigate cost management challenges, rising goods costs, and geopolitical influences on production and distribution toward a new normal characterized by transparency and resilience. Digital transformation and technology integration are integral to e...

  7. 20 Feb 2024  |  Asia Pacific

    Growth Opportunities and Trends in the Asia-Pacific Digital Payment Market Forecast to 2027

    Transformative Mega Trends Enabling Growth and Innovation

    The growing use of digital payments in Asia-Pacific (APAC) paves the way for innovation and new use cases that address user pain points payment solutions, such as self-checkout, enhance customer experience while software point-of-sale (softPOS) accelerates the merchant onboarding process. The APAC market will become more aware of the benefits of ne...

  8. 20 Feb 2024  |  North America

    Growth Opportunities in Drug Discovery and Early Development Outsourcing Services

    M&As, Partnerships, and the Shift Toward an End-to-end CRDMO Model will Boost Sector Expansion

    The global pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) pipeline accounts for more than 21,000 molecules, as of April 2023, indicating a 5.8% hike over 2022, with more than 6,100 molecules in active development. In general, however, the pharma/biopharma industry has stagnated with respect to R&D activity. Overall R&D expenditure totals about $276....

  9. 19 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Global Drone Civilian Infrastructure Inspection Growth Opportunities

    Advancements in AI Technology Propel UAS Adoption in Infrastructure Inspection

    This Frost & Sullivan research service is focused on analyzing the segment of infrastructure inspection within the commercial drone market, highlighting the use of drone systems for inspection work, mainly civilian infrastructure, such as bridges, powerlines, and roads. This study focuses on how current global trends are shaping this market and...

  10. 19 Feb 2024  |  Global

    Innovations in Small Molecule Drug Delivery and Formulation

    Disruptive Technologies Drive Growth Opportunities for New Product Launches

    Small molecules, which are the leading drug class across indications, face several issues that threaten their drug delivery efficacy. They suffer from off-target effects, poor bioavailability, low solubility, systemic toxicity, and poor permeability. While the small molecule drug development pipeline remains a leading therapeutic class, it is essen...