1. 10 Aug 2022  |  Global

    Global Sustainable Innovation in Water Generation and Purification Growth Opportunities

    The growing water scarcity is driving advancements and innovation in water generation and purification technologies.

    More than 4 billion people lack water for at least 1 month every year. Furthermore, it is estimated that by 2025, half the world´s population could potentially face water scarcity. Factors driving an increase in water scarcity include climate change, climate-related catastrophes, ground water contamination through the increasing usage of pesticide...

  2. 10 Aug 2022  |  Global

    Home Healthcare Technology Innovations and Growth Opportunities

    Bringing Critical Care Delivery to Patients’ Homes through Portable, Safe, and Easy-to-Use Ventilators, Electrocardiograms, and Dialysis and Infusion Devices

    Hospitals have been the mainstay of providing care delivery to patients, including diagnostic services and therapeutic interventions. However, as a limited number of health professionals cater to multiple patients, caregivers are unable to dedicate sufficient time to each patient to understand their needs and effectively monitor their response to t...

  3. 04 Aug 2022  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities for Breakthrough Innovations in High-temperature Electrolysis Technology

    Growing Demand for Green Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Drives Future Growth Potential

    This research study focuses on disruptive technologies and the latest achievements in electrolyzer technologies. The study highlights the necessity for electrolysis technology and discusses the major challenges its development faces in gaining wide-scale market adoption and competitiveness. High-temperature fuel cells are a promising technology...

  4. 21 Jul 2022  |  Global

    Predictive Genetic Testing: Technology Landscape ​

    The Improved Accuracy and Clinical Utility of PGTs Will Enable the Seamless Adoption of Precision Medicine.​

    Predictive genetic testing refers to the testing of genetic mutations and variations in an individual to predict the risk of disease susceptibility and the inheritance of Mendelian diseases and other complex diseases. Genomic analysis studies such as genome-wide association studies (GWAS), SNP arrays, and the WGS of select populations have helped t...

  5. 20 Jul 2022  |  Global

    Global Materials Technologies for Thermal Management in 5G Devices Growth Opportunities

    Need for Better Thermal Stability Creating Growth Pipeline for Material Developers

    This study focuses on the emerging developments and advances in materials technology to improve and mitigate thermal management issues in 5G devices, highlights the need for thermal management solutions such as thermal interface materials (TIMs) in 5G devices, and discusses the major development and adoption challenges that TIMs face in their comme...

  6. 19 Jul 2022  |  Global

    Biotechnology Advancements that Enable Sustainability in the Chemicals Industry: Technology Growth Opportunities​ ​

    Biocatalysis, Molecular Engineering Strategies, and Fermentation Augment Sustainability in the Chemicals Industry.​

    Chemicals is a highly regulated industry, and it serves as the backbone of several other end-user sectors, including construction, transportation, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. Although the industry is a leading revenue generator, globally, digitalization, product portfolio diversification, enriched social responsibility, and sustai...

  7. 13 Jul 2022  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities for Digital Biomarkers in Drug Development

    Transformational Growth for Clinical Trials via Enhancements to Patient Recruitment, Stratification, Monitoring, and Drug Response Comprehension

    Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars in drug development because of expensive and time-consuming clinical trials, with a meager success rate. Frequent clinical visits, manual data processing, and a lack of consistent data on the effectiveness of the investigation of medical products contribute to their low success rate. Digital bio...

  8. 23 Jun 2022  |  Global

    Micro- and Nanofluidic Technology Innovations for Infectious Disease Control and Management

    Advanced microfluidics-based nucleic acid testing and immunoassay platforms are enabling multiplexed detection with rapid turnaround

    The rise in both global population and travel is contributing to the increase in spread of infectious diseases. Rapid and accurate identification of the infectious pathogens are imperative for timely intervention, better patient outcomes, and control and management of the spread of the infection. Conventional infectious disease diagnoses are perfor...

  9. 22 Jun 2022  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities in AI for Drug Target Discovery and Validation

    Advancements in Deep Learning will Enable Faster and More Efficient Novel Target Discovery.

    A major challenge in drug discovery is the limited number of gene targets that can be targeted for the development of a drug molecule. Only close to 400 genes are proven targets for US FDA-approved drugs. 80% of human genes are unexplored as targets, and some are considered undruggable. The identification and the selection of novel drug targets (p...

  10. 21 Jun 2022  |  Global

    Recent Innovations and Developments and Future Growth Opportunities in Power Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Technologies

    Data Collection, Processing and Controlling Tools Enhance Grid Resilience.

    The energy sector is shifting to sustainable and green resources; as a result, the share of renewables in the power generation mix is rising. However, this presents another challenge for the power industry; renewable sources are intermittent, which pressurizes the power transmission and distribution (T&D) industry to maintain power supply in line w...