1. Since developments at Tableau have the potential to be market-making and economy-shaking, Stratecast sought to better understand current and upcoming developments at Tableau by attending the company’s recent annual global conference in October 2017 in Las Vegas. This is not, however, a typical show recap report in terms of either timing or conten...

  2. 30 Dec 2017  |  Global

    Future of Technology Cluster Series

  3. 29 Dec 2017  |  Global

    Innovations in Structural Electronics

    Automotive and Aerospace Sectors Generate Opportunities for Smart Electronics in the Near Term

    Structural electronics (SE) is referred to as a next-gen electronics technology involves printing of functional electronic circuitries across irregular shaped curves and architectures, including the human body. SE replaces bulky load-bearing structures within a circuitry with smart electronic components which can conform to complex shapes, ensuring...

  4. 29 Dec 2017  |  Global

    Robotic Technologies for Defense

    Artificial Intelligence Enhance Opportunities for Autonomous Vehicles

    Advancements in artificial intelligence and sensor technologies improving situational awareness and autonomous mobility have created opportunities for arms manufacturers to discover a wide range of solutions for homeland safety and defense applications. Reduction in casualties, optimization of battlefield performance, integration of enabling roboti...

  5. 29 Dec 2017  |  Global

    Intelligent Sensors for Connected Home Appliances

    Sensors and AI Enable Ubiquitous Homes

    Intelligent sensors transform conventional home appliance devices to connected ones leveraging Internet. Connected home appliances integrated with intelligent sensors are smart electronic devices, which can be remotely accessed, monitored, and controlled using personal computers, laptops and smartphones. The key research focus areas in connected ho...

  6. 29 Dec 2017  |  Global

    Technology Convergence Enabling Retail Process Automation

    Making the Digital Connection From Brands to Customers

    The retail industry is transforming at an ever-increasing speed with the introduction of new information and communication technologies in the sector. With the changes in the behavior of the customers along with the introduction of new channels and formats of marketing, the retailers are required to quickly adjust the existing business models accor...

  7. 29 Dec 2017  |  Asia Pacific

    LPWAN Market in Southeast Asia, 2016

    Growing Market but MNOs will Require Careful Strategic Planning

    Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology will account for a significant share of Internet of Things (IoT) connections globally by 2020. This will be at the expense the fragmented M2M. With LPWAN being implemented by both mobile network operators (MNOs) and non-telcos, MNOs will require careful planning due to increasing competition and upcomi...

  8. 29 Dec 2017  |  Global

    FinTech Watchlist Company Profile—SoFi

    Peer-to-Peer Lenders are Redefining the Student and Personal Loan Market and Challenging the Century Old Established Banks

    The study covers one of the leading online lenders in the United States. SoFi that started offering student loan refinancing has moved much beyond and rolled out a series of products to cater to the full stack of the market. In the study, Frost & Sullivan has presented the evolution of SoFi tracking back to May 2012, when it launched is the first p...