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  1. 30 Dec 2016  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Supercharging Within Minutes: Opportunities in Key Application Sectors

    Road to Intelligent and Personalized Charging

    Supercharging or rapid charging refers to charging of batteries within a short time, where the ultimate goal is a charging time of a few minutes. The main applications that will be impacted by fast charging are consumer electronics (CE) and electric vehicles (EVs) because both require frequent charging. For both segments, end users want a charging ...


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  2. 30 Dec 2016  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Emerging Technologies Stimulating the Future of Agriculture

    Emerging technologies in agriculture will play a significant role in improving the efficiency and predictability of agriculture

    Exponential increase in the global population and the astronomical decrease in the fertile agricultural lands have compelled everyone to focus on emerging technologies which lays emphasis on weather tracking, satellite imaging, vertical farming, precision agriculture, crop sensors and water conservation technologies. The research study discusses s...


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  3. 30 Dec 2016  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    3D Printing for Healthcare Applications

    Technology that could revolutionize pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing

    3D printing (3DP) will have a strong commercial impact across major consumer segments of the global healthcare sectors, an industry that necessitates efficient production of primarily complex or personalized products. The opportunity to customize drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and medical devices drives an era of personalized medic...


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  4. 30 Dec 2016  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Future Applications of Virtual Reality (Immersive Computing)

    Emerging Applications and Opportunities for Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality (VR) is an interactive three-dimensional (3D) environment that is computer generated. Immersion into VR is an individual’s perception of having a physical presence in the non-physical world or the virtual world. Technology advancement in in VR in the recent years has led to significant improvements in quality, reductions in overal...


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  5. 30 Dec 2016  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) - R&D and Applications Roadmap

    AI Advancing in Leaps and Bounds, Taking Machines Closer To Achieving Human-Like Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged to be one of the most essential technologies to develop machine intelligence. The technology has advanced significantly over the ages to empower applications and machines to learn from its own experiences and perform autonomously. Technology evolution in the AI space is continuously driving the development o...


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  6. 30 Dec 2016  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Technologies Empowering Future of Identity Management

    The Elements of Enterprise Information Security

    Identity and Access Management (IAM) lifecycle is comprised of a comprehensive set of business processes and enterprise infrastructure for the purpose of maintaining digital identities and providing a secured and documented access to enterprise resources and applications. There are significant number of programs opted by enterprises to maintain reg...


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  7. 30 Dec 2016  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Global Uninterruptible Power Supplies Market, 2016

    Demand from Data Centers Drives Growth in the European Union and the United States, while Ageing Infrastructure Drives Revenue in Other Regions

    The global UPS market is witnessing growth due to datacenter demand from North America and Europe. UPS is an inevitable product purchase to ensure high power quality to equipment that cannot afford an interruption or disturbance in power. The market witnessed a slump in 2013, due to decreased investments, but from 2014, there has been steady growt...


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  8. 29 Dec 2016  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Global Industrial Vacuum Valves, Forecast to 2020

    Demand for High Quality and Innovation Drives the High Vacuum Applications Supported by Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, and Packaging Industries

    The global industrial vacuum valves market is undergoing significant change, especially as these valves are supplied to the semiconductor, R&D, instrumentation, and industrial end-user markets. This research service discusses trends such as increasing demand for pharmaceutical and medical equipment, new applications in packaging, and growing automo...


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  9. 29 Dec 2016  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Electronic Skin - Advancements and Emerging Opportunities

    Innovations in E-skin Create Opportunities in Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, and Robotics Sectors

    Electronic skin, otherwise known as e-skin or artificial skin is an ultrathin electronic material developed by integrating electronic devices on flexible and stretchable substrates. E-skin is an emerging and an advanced technology which is primarily intended for health monitoring and medical applications, such as measuring and sensing of internal v...


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  10. 28 Dec 2016  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Advances in Material Technologies for Personal Care

    Materials derived from natural and sustainable ingredients are gaining focus in the personal care industry

    The market for materials in personal care products and cosmetics, including skin, hair, and oral care and makeup products, has seen tremendous growth in last 3–5 years. The key trends focusing toward biocompatibility and naturality of ingredients in personal care products are driving the adoption of new and innovative materials and ingredients. T...


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