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  1. 30 Dec 2016  |  Europe  |  Technology Research

    Israeli Technologies Impacting the Global Medical Sector

    Gaining efficiency in commercial ventures in global medical devices industry by effectively collaborating with key innovation stakeholders in Israel

    Over the past two decades, Israel had risen to be an global medical devices innovation hub, reinforcing its position as one of the major contributors to the growth of the innovations in the global medical devices sector. With a plethora of scientific resources, ease of conducting clinical research studies, globally competitive intellectual portfoli...

  2. 30 Dec 2015  |  Europe  |  Technology Research

    Healthcare Trends in BRICS (TechVision)

    The Emerging Healthcare Markets of the Future

    This research service gives an overview of the healthcare technology trends in the BRIC nations. BRIC, that is, Brazil, Russia, India, and China are among the fastest-growing economies in the world now but the healthcare system in these countries are facing numerous challenges. One of the major issue is that the countries have been burdened with a ...

  3. 30 Sep 2015  |  Europe  |  Technology Research

    Advanced mechanisms in drug delivery

    Impact and assessment of modern mechanisms in drug delivery systems

    The research service aims to give a global outlook of the companion diagnostic market landscape, with a specific focus on Western European countries. The segments related to oncology discussed in this study include breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer and other cancers, and non-oncology related infectious disease, CNS, and cardiovascular. ...

  4. 30 Dec 2013  |  Europe  |  Technology Research

    The Untapped Potential in Live Cell Imaging (Technical Insights)

    Improved cellular dynamics in disease diagnostic and drug discovery.

    The study covers provides an assessment of the marketed and pipeline products for the global human albumin market. Segmentation by application has been provided along with additional information such as clinical trial timelines and results, and historical and projected launch timelines. The marketed and pipeline products have been broadly segmented...

  5. 30 Jul 2013  |  Europe  |  Technology Research

    Top Technologies in Health and Wellness--2013 (Technical Insights)

    Rewriting Life…

    This research service offers an assessment for marketed and pipeline products for the global ACS therapeutics market. Segmentation by drug class is provided along with additional supporting information such as clinical trial timelines and results, historical and projected launch timelines, and epidemiology. The marketed and pipeline products are br...

  6. This research service analyzes emerging technologies in the nucleic acid purification and amplification and their impact in the research and molecular diagnostics market.

  7. 30 Mar 2005  |  Europe  |  Technology Research

    Nanotechnology Developments in Europe (Technical Insights)

    This research service covers nanotechnology developments across Europe in the fields of materials, electronics and life sciences.

  8. 28 Feb 2005  |  Europe  |  Technology Research

    Advances in Automation Software in Europe (Technical Insights)


    This research service analyses research and developments in industrial automation software in Europe.

  9. 31 Dec 2004  |  Europe  |  Technology Research

    Advances in Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging in Europe (Technical Insights)


    This research service discusses technology developments in the field of diagnostic ultrasound imaging in Europe.

  10. 31 Dec 2004  |  Europe  |  Technology Research

    Drug Discovery--European Advances in Genomics and Proteomics (Technical Insights)


    This research service tracks, analyzes and profiles emerging technologies, especially genomics and proteomics for drug discovery in Europe