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  1. 07 Aug 2023  |  Africa  |  Market Research

    Gulf Cooperation Council and Africa's Economic Diversification and Emerging Non-Oil Growth Opportunities

    Green Energy Transition, Manufacturing Localization, and an Innovation-driven Digital Economy to Stimulate the Non-Oil Economy through 2030

    During the past decade, policy tied to diversification into the non-oil economy has taken center stage as GCC and African oil and gas exporters prioritize expansion of the non-oil economies through their long-term vision plans. Despite challenging global economic conditions, several GCC and African countries are accelerating their pace of economic ...

  2. 04 Apr 2023  |  Africa  |  Market Outlook

    African Power and Energy Outlook—2023

    Future Growth Potential to be Driven by Electrification Mandates and EU Exports

    Universal access to electricity has been central to the African development story, with power being critical to the continent's economic growth. As more than 600 million people (or 44% of the population) lack access to electricity, Africa is racing to add capacity to electrify rural communities and secure baseload supply in urban and industrial zon...