Aerospace, Defence and Security

Frost & Sullivan's Aerospace information assists customers in identifying opportunities for component providers to the major airframe manufacturers, and helps local governments align their airport vision with industry trends.

Under the Defense area, our information helps industry participants develop better solutions to serve military end users and expand defense industry opportunities through improved access to information and analysis.

Our Security information assists in understanding the technologies and solutions to improve security and infrastructure. Most importantly to industry participants, it provides an understanding of the different methods of funding and budgeting.

  • IT infrastructure, cloud computing, network security, and wireless technologies are all key growth areas and evolving rapidly
  • The Army counterinsurgency mission will continue to be the focus of the C4ISR effort through 2016
  • Fastest growth is in technologies and tools that enable the processing exploitation and dissemination of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

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08 Mar 2017  |  Global

Analysis of the Homeland Security Market in the Middle East

Rising Opportunities post Arab Spring

Homeland Security market in the Middle East shows ample growth opportunities. Post the Arab spring, the Middle Eastern countries have continually focused on securing internal security, as well as border security which bode well for the growth of the homeland security devices market. In 2016, the GCC countries spent 0.51% of their GDP on buttressing...

USD 1,500.00
29 Mar 2016  |  Global

Top 50 Emerging Technologies: Growth Opportunities of Strategic Imperative

Multi-billion dollar technologies ready to propel industries and transform our world

Research Overview The Top 50 Emerging Technologies research is a comprehensive analysis of the most promising and disruptive technologies poised to impact our world in the next few years. It highlights and offers strategic guidance and actionable ideas on the hottest 50 technologies that pack maximum potential to fuel global innovation; spawn in...

USD 7,500.00
05 May 2015  |  Global

2015 Top Technologies in Sensors & Control (Technical Insights)

Sensor Technologies that will have the Highest Impact in 2015

Key technological trends and advancements in the Sensors & Control cluster that are likely to have high impact in the near-term and medium-term are covered in this research service. Key technologies in the cluster were evaluated to arrive at the top 10 technologies for 2015. The study covers each technology from various dimensions such as innovatio...

USD 4,950.00
09 Apr 2015  |  Global

2025 Vision for the Aerospace Industry

Record Deliveries and New Aircraft in a Diverse Market

The recent reductions in oil price appear to be long-term trends, which will reduce the drive for flight efficiency. However, fuel cost is still the single most significant operating cost for airlines and will effect all modernization decisions. Despite an improving economic environment, the heady days of the mid-2000s for business aircraft will ...

USD 4,950.00
12 May 2015  |  Global

Top Technologies in Clean & Green Environment - 2015

Sustaining Life on Earth

Water scarcity, energy depletion and global warming are threatening the Earths sustainability. Addressing the dire need to sustain life on Earth has driven innovations in the Clean and Green Environment sector. This research report presents snapshots of the top ten technologies in the Clean and Green Environment sector that are likely to impact pl...

USD 4,950.00
05 May 2015  |  Global

2015 Top Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing and Automation (Technical Insights)

Manufacturing and Automation technologies that will have the highest impact in 2015

The research service delves deeper into advanced manufacturing and automation technologies from various technology and market attractiveness metrics such as patent, funding, market potential, applications impact, regional adoption, innovation landscape, roadmap and disruptiveness potential. Technologies covered in this report include: 3D printing, ...

USD 4,950.00
24 Feb 2015  |  Global

2015 Outlook of the Global Security Industry

Global Political, Economic, and Social Challenges Drive Investment in Security Technology

The global security industry is growing as governments and organisations invest to protect assets from known terrorist groups, unknown groups, international organised crime, and localised crime. The increasingly complex threat landscape provides opportunities for security companies across a range of sectors. The report gives an overview of the expe...

USD 3,950.00
11 May 2015  |  North America

2015 Top Technologies in Microelectronics (Technical Insights)

Microelectronics technologies that have the highest impact in 2015

Key technological trends and advancements in the microelectronics cluster that are likely to have high impact in the near-term and medium-term are covered in this research service. The microelectronics industry is constantly driven by the need for highly efficient, high performance, low power, small footprint, and low cost devices. The major techno...

USD 4,950.00
14 Jul 2015  |  North America

2015 Global Defense Outlook

Revisiting the Cold War While Confronting Terrorism

This research service focuses on global defense spending categories such as research, development, testing, and evaluation; procurement; operations and maintenance, and services. Global, regional, and specific program information for 25 countries is included. The global defense outlook comprises spending forecasts for 12 technology segments, includ...

USD 6,950.00
29 Sep 2015  |  Global

Futuristic Outlook of Wearable Technology in Key Applications

Transformational impact across various industries

Wearable Technology involves body worn electronics that can perform various functionalities such as sensing, communicating, and computing. Wearables’ is the result of convergence of various technologies in sensors, microelectronics, and ICT. Wearable technology impacts the lives of millions of people who are adopting this technology primarily to ...

USD 4,950.00

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