An Overview of European National Defence Strategies, 2018

The Emerging Threat Profiles, Defence Cooperation, Spending and Industry Evolution Shape the European Security Strategies

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Europe’s economic recovery has been slow, countries are trying to reduce their national debt by reducing government spending , and this, in turn, has the potential to influence defence allocation .The economic situation of Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland continues to be worrying and future bailouts to support these countries might put additional pressure on defence spending. Even against this background, emerging conventional and unconventional security threats and the pressure from NATO and the US to meet the spending commitments might be sufficient to see a considerable defence spending growth in the future. The exit of the UK might result in higher defence spending to conduct operations

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the drivers for defence spending in Europe and how are they impacting European spending priorities?
  • How much do European countries spend on defence—current defence budgets, budget pressures, and spending priorities?
  • How are defence forces structured and what are their key procurement and modernisation programmes?
  • What are the future scenarios that could unfold in the next ten years and how will they impact defence budgets and prioritisation?
  • How will the offerings of defence contractors need to evolve for them to compete?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Study Scope
2. Introduction
An Overview of the European Security Scenario
European Geopolitical Scenario—Threats
European Defence Spending
European Security Strategy
European Defence Cooperation Frameworks
EU and NATO Members—2018
Operational Priorities for Cooperation
EU Common Security and Defence Strategy
European Bilateral and Multilateral Defence Cooperation Agreements
PESCO Capability Enhancement
Future European Strategy and Capability Enhancement
NATO and US Ground Deployments in the European Eastern Flank
NATO Engagement in Europe
US Policy Towards Europe
Future of US and NATO Role in Europe
Growth Opportunity 1—Simulated Training and Automated Logistics Management
Growth Opportunity 2—Compressing the Sensor to Shooter Loop
Growth Opportunity 3—Performance Based Logistics
Growth Opportunity 4—Europeanization of the Defence Industry
Growth Opportunity 5—ISR as a Service
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
3. Europe—National Defence Strategies
United Kingdom—Strategic Context
The UK—Defence Structure
The UK—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
France—Strategic Context
France—Defence Structure
France—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Germany—Strategic Context
Germany—Defence Structure
Germany—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Poland—Strategic Context
Poland—Defence Structure
Poland—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Sweden—Strategic Context
Sweden—Defence Structure
Sweden—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Turkey—Strategic Context
Turkey—Defence Structure
Turkey—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Austria—Strategic Context
Austria—Defence Structure
Austria—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Switzerland—Strategic Context
Switzerland—Defence Structure
Switzerland—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Spain—Strategic Context
Spain—Defence Structure
Spain—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Bulgaria—Strategic Context
Bulgaria—Defence Structure
Bulgaria—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Finland—Strategic Context
Finland—Defence Structure
Finland—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Croatia—Strategic Context
Croatia—Defence Structure
Croatia—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
The Czech Republic—Strategic Context
The Czech Republic—Defence Structure
The Czech Republic—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Slovenia—Strategic Context
Slovenia—Defence Structure
Slovenia Republic—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Slovakia—Strategic Context
Slovakia—Defence Structure
Slovakia—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Serbia—Strategic Context
Serbia—Defence Structure
Serbia—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Denmark—Strategic Context
Denmark—Defence Structure
Denmark—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Belgium—Strategic Context
Belgium—Defence Structure
Belgium—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Italy—Strategic Context
Italy—Defence Structure
Italy—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Ireland—Strategic Context
Ireland—Defence Structure
Ireland—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Georgia—Strategic Context
Georgia—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Greece—Strategic Context
Greece—Defence Structure
Greece—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Romania—Strategic Context
Romania—Defence Structure
Romania—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Hungary—Strategic Context
Hungary—Defence Structure
Hungary—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Portugal—Strategic Context
Portugal—Defence Structure
Portugal—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Norway—Strategic Context
Norway—Defence Structure
Norway—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
The Netherlands—Strategic Context
The Netherlands—Defence Structure
The Netherlands—Defence Industrial Base and Opportunities
Estonia—Strategic Context
Estonia—Defence Structure and Opportunities
Latvia—Strategic Context
Latvia—Defence Structure and Opportunities
Lithuania—Strategic Context
Lithuania—Defence Structure and Opportunities
Cyprus—Strategic Context
Cyprus—Defence Structure and Opportunities
Malta—Strategic Context
Malta—Defence Structure and Opportunities
Albania—Strategic Context
Albania—Defence Structure and Opportunities
Montenegro—Strategic Context
Montenegro—Defence Structure and Opportunities
Bosnia and Herzegovina—Strategic Context
Bosnia and Herzegovina—Defence Structure and Opportunities
Macedonia—Strategic Context
Macedonia—Defence Structure and Opportunities
Kosovo—Strategic Context
Kosovo—Defence Structure and Opportunities
4. Conclusion
Legal Disclaimer
5. Appendix
List of Exhibits
6. The Frost & Sullivan Story


List of Figures & Charts

1. Military Spending, Europe, 2008–2017
2. Historical Defence Budget, UK, 2013–2017
3. Historical Defence Budget, France, 2013–2017
4. Historical Defence Budget, Germany, 2013–2017
5. Historical Defence Budget, Poland, 2013–2017
6. Historical Defence Budget, Sweden, 2013–2017
7. Historical Defence Budget, Turkey, 2013–2017
8. Historical Defence Budget, Austria, 2013–2017
9. Historical Defence Budget, Switzerland, 2013–2017
10. Historical Defence Budget, Spain, 2013–2017
11. Historical Defence Budget, Bulgaria, 2013–2017
12. Historical Defence Budget, Finland, 2013–2017
13. Historical Defence Budget, Croatia, 2013–2017
14. Historical Defence Budget, The Czech Republic, 2013–2017
15. Historical Defence Budget, Slovenia, 2013–2017
16. Historical Defence Budget, Slovakia, 2013–2017
17. Historical Defence Budget, Serbia, 2013–2017
18. Historical Defence Budget, Denmark, 2013–2017
19. Historical Defence Budget, Belgium, 2013–2017
20. Historical Defence Budget, Italy, 2013–2017
21. Historical Defence Budget, Ireland, 2013–2017
22. Historical Defence Budget, Georgia, 2013–2017
23. Historical Defence Budget, Greece, 2013–2017
24. Historical Defence Budget, Romania, 2013–2017
25. Historical Defence Budget, Hungary, 2013–2017
26. Historical Defence Budget, Portugal, 2013–2017
27. Historical Defence Budget, Norway, 2013–2017
28. Historical Defence Budget, The Netherlands, 2013–2017
29. Historical Defence Budget, Estonia, 2013–2017
30. Historical Defence Budget, Latvia, 2013–2017
31. Historical Defence Budget, Lithuania, 2013–2017
32. Historical Defence Budget, Cyprus, 2013–2017
33. Historical Defence Budget, Malta, 2013–2017
34. Historical Defence Budget, Albania, 2013–2017
35. Historical Defence Budget, Montenegro, 2013–2017
36. Historical Defence Budget, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013–2017
37. Historical Defence Budget, Macedonia, 2013–2017
38. Historical Defence Budget, Kosovo, 2013–2017

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