Digital Transformation of Critical Communications for Public Safety in Australia, Forecast to 2022

Move towards LTE and the Leverage of 5G and IoT to Drive the Digital Transition

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Meeting the interoperability and technological needs of first responders, the securitisation of data and network, the emergence of digital trends (5G, IoT, cloud, big data), meeting public expectations and heightened public safety issues (natural disasters and catastrophic incidents) are driving growth in critical communication solutions expenditure in Australia.However, the lack of standardisation in public safety agencies (PSA) requirements, the absence of mission-critical standards, insufficient training for new technologies and relatively high infrastructure costs hamper growth in this market.Digital LMR continues to dominate the critical communications market in Australia due to its high mission-critical s

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Benefits of this Analysis for the Public Safety Industry
Frost & Sullivan Digital Transformation Framework
Digital Transformation Framework—Digital Ecosystem
Digital Transformation Framework—Business Functions
Digital Transformation Framework—Business Models
2. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Critical Communications—Evolution of LMR to LTE
Critical Communications Market Segment
3. Research Scope and Definitions
Research Scope
Technology Overview
Critical Communications Market—Definitions
4. Critical Communications Market Analysis
Public Safety Agencies
Critical Communications Technology Investment in Australia—A Snapshot
Australian Critical Communications for Public Safety—Revenue Forecast
Critical Communications Ecosystem
Critical Communications Market Drivers
Market Drivers—Meeting Interoperability and Technological Needs of First Responders
Market Drivers—Security of Data and Networks
Market Drivers—Emergence of Digitisation
Market Drivers—Meeting Public Expectations
Market Drivers—Heightened Public Safety Issues
5. Critical Communications Market Restraints
Market Restraints—Lack of Standardisation in PSA Requirements
Market Restraints—Absence of Mission-critical Standards
Market Restraints—Insufficient Training for New Technologies
Market Restraints—High Infrastructure Costs
6. Digital Land Mobile Radios
Current Overview of LMR in Australia
Shift from Analogue to Digital LMR in Australia
Land Mobile Radio Standards
Trends Driving Digital Mobile Radio Innovation
Digital Land Mobile Radio Features
Voice Communications in Digital Land Mobile Radios
Gaps in LMR Networks in Australia
7. Long Term Evolution (LTE)
LTE Technologies
LTE for First Responders
3rd Generation Partnership Project Road to Public Safety
LTE Release 13
8. Public Safety Mobile Broadband
Public Safety Mobile Broadband
Critical Communications—Importance of Spectrum
Overview of Public Safety Mobile Broadband in Australia
First Responders’ Use Cases of PSMB and Wireless Data
Mobile Broadband System—Radio Access Network (RAN)
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—High-Speed Data
Public Safety Mobile Broadband
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Emerging Technologies
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Proximity Services (ProSe)
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Network Hardening
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Security and Encryption
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Computer-aided Dispatch
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Service Gaps in Australia
9. Public Safety Mobile Broadband Approaches
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Australian Context
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Dedicated
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Full Coverage Hybrid
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Targeted Coverage Hybrid
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Commercial
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Cost of Approaches
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Dedicated Approach Costs
Critical Communications—Spectrum Capacity
Analysis of Full Coverage Hybrid Approach in Australia
Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Global Approaches
Examples of Global Approaches to PSMB
Australia Public Safety Network—Telstra LANES®
Summary of the Public Safety Network
10. Emergence of Digitisation
Cloud Computing Benefits for PSAs
From Cloud to Edge Computing
Australian Mobile Carrier Network Overview
Evolution of Mobile Networks in Australia
Fifth Generation Mobile Network
5G Mobile Network Demand Drivers
5G Mobile Network in Australia
5G Mobile Network Standard Requirements
5G Mobile Network Use Cases
5G Mobile Network Technology Enablers
5G Mobile Network Use Cases
11. The Internet of Things
IoT in Australia
Road to Digitisation and IoT
IoT and Public Safety
Growth of IoT Sensors in Public Safety
Wearable Technologies for First Responders
Wearable Software Apps for First Responders
Machine-to-Machine Communications
12. Key Market Participants—Mobile Network Carriers
Critical Communications Market in Australia
Key Market Participants—Telstra
Key Market Participants—SingTel Optus
Key Market Participants—Vodafone Hutchison Australia
13. Key Market Participants—Key Network and Equipment Vendors
Key Market Participants—Motorola Solutions
Key Market Participants—Tait Communications
Key Market Participants—BAI Communications
Key Market Participants—Sepura Australia
Key Market Participants—Ericsson
Key Market Participants—Nokia Solutions and Networks Australia
Key Market Participants—Huawei
Australia’s Competitive Environment
14. Case Studies—Emerging Technologies
Hybrid Cloud—Data#3
Smart Ambulance—Byron Group
mPOL—Motorola Solutions
Emergency + Application—Government of Australia
15. Select Emerging Technologies
Motorola Solutions—WAVE Application
Nokia Networks and Solutions—Network in a Box
Lockheed Martin—Universal Communications Platform
16. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1—IoT
Growth Opportunity 2—5G
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
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List of Figures & Charts

1. Critical Communications Market Drivers, Australia, 2017–2022
2. Critical Communications Market Restraints, Australia, 2017–2022
3. Digital Transformation of Critical Communications for Public Safety, PSMB Approaches, Australia, 2015
4. Digital Transformation of Critical Communications for Public Safety, PSMB Approaches, Global, 2017
5. Digital Transformation of Critical Communications for Public Safety, Wearables, Global, 2017
6. Public Safety Networks Market: Vendor Benchmarking, Australia, 2017

1. Critical Communications Market Lifecycle, Australia, 2017
2. Technology Adoption Across Industries, Australia, 2017–2022F
3. Number of First Responders, Australia, 2016
4. Technology Investment for Critical Communications, Australia, 2015–2018
5. Critical Communications for Public Safety: Revenue Forecast, Australia, 2016–2022F
6. Mobile Broadband Overview, Australia, 2015–2016
7. Data Usage Split by Emergency Services, Australia, 2016
8. Data Networks: Speed and Coverage Comparison, Australia, 2015
9. PSMB Market: Delivery Costs, Australia, 2015
10. Composition of PSMB Delivery Costs, Australia, 2015
11. Mobile Market Share, Australia, 2016
12. 5G Technology Usage Across Industries, Global, 2026
13. Increasing City Wealth, Threats, and IT Adoption, Global, 2017

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