Aerospace Systems

  1. 24 Dec 2013  |  Global

    Emerging Applications for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Across Global Government and Commercial Sectors

    UAS Platforms are Flexible and Hold Great Potential

    The significant potential and benefits of UAS have led to increasing implementation since the mid-1980s. Through the years, these platforms have proven successful on numerous missions, leading to growing popularity. UAS now has a significant role for numerous military units worldwide. A decrease in military expenditure has, however, nudged UAS manu...


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  2. 23 Dec 2013  |  North America

    Global Commercial UAS Market Assessment

    A Regional Discussion of Companies Well-positioned to Exploit the Commercial UAS Market

    This market insight provides a competitive assessment of global companies that are well-positioned to take advantage of the commercial UAS market and discusses the following topics: competitive advantages for top companies in each region, developmental achievements and/or innovations that signal a companys advanced technological capabilities, and ...


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  3. 10 Dec 2013  |  North America

    US Air Traffic Management and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) Technology

    The Next-generation ATM Enabler

    The world of air traffic management is about to undergo a significant change. The traditional radar based air traffic control environment will soon be replaced by a system based on automated position and flight data reporting by the aircraft themselves. The effort is global with variations by country and by technology. In the US, the constructio...


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  4. 27 Sep 2013  |  North America

    Global Cabin Interiors Market

    Is it Time for Renewed Growth?

    This research describes the global market for aircraft cabin interiors. Supporting research data was collected from industry records for delivery of new aircraft; contracts for modifications; and contracts for maintenance, repair, and overhaul. Data was verified by conversations with industry participants. Market segmentation includes: cabin compo...


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  5. 11 Jul 2013  |  Europe

    Global In-flight Entertainment Market Assessment

    The Always Connected Aircraft is Changing its Market Dynamics

    This research covers the global In-Flight Entertainment market for commercial aviation from 2011 to 2020 and analyses the three main in-flight entertainment segments that are hardware, content and connectivity. Driving and restraining factors such as operating costs, technological advancements and regulations that have an impact on IFE spending ...


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  6. 08 May 2013  |  North America

    2012 United States Commercial Airline Usage

    Perspectives of Traveling Consumers

    In this customer research service, Frost & Sullivan measures consumer airline usage in order to define segments and profiles of air traveler types. The aim is to understand user knowledge of frequent flyer programs as well as satisfaction rates with current airline programs. The research also explores airport accessibility and the main methods of t...


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  7. 10 Apr 2013  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Analysis of the Indian Aerospace Industry

    Engineering Services Create Tremendous Opportunity in the Indian Aerospace Industry

    This research service analyses the opportunities and avenues for future growth of the aerospace manufacturing, engineering services, and maintenance, repair and overhaul segments in India. A ten-year forecast is provided, up to the year 2022, keeping in mind the drivers, restraints, and challenges that the industry faces.


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  8. 02 Apr 2013  |  Global

    Aerospace Supply Chain Overview

    Supply Chain Insights and Variations

    The aerospace market has one of the more convoluted supply chains. In theory, it is similar to most other supply chains, at least at first glance. In its most basic form, it is composed of the OEMs, the major component providers, and their suppliers. The reality is that the market is far from simple. Companies at all levels of the supply chain supp...


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