Aerospace Systems

  1. 11 Dec 2019  |  Global

    Global Satellite Database and Launch Demand, Forecast to 2030

    An Exhaustive Consolidated Database of Launched Satellites & Interactive Outputs Including Small-satellite Forecast until 2030

    Advances in technology have allowed the miniaturization of satellites to the extent that their application can be extended beyond technology demonstration missions. This has led to expansion of the small satellite market segment with a majority of satellite constellations focusing on earth observations and communication missions. Many of these cons...


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  2. 13 Nov 2019  |  North America

    Global Commercial Aerospace Aftermarket, 2019

    As Global Demand for Aftermarket Increases, Fulfillment Must Be Met With Upcoming Technologies

    This analysis will evaluate the global commercial aircraft fleet and aftermarket opportunities in 2018. The commercial aerospace aftermarket is growing in line with the global commercial aircraft fleet. The aftermarket can be divided into line maintenance, heavy check maintenance, and engine overhaul. The market segmentation is based on multiple c...


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  3. 31 Oct 2019  |  North America

    Global Earth Observation Market, Forecast to 2029

    New Customers, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data are Entering Geospatial Markets Covering Multiple Start-ups and New Applications

    The earth observation market is currently undergoing multiple technology and business model disruptions, largely driven by NewSpace participants in the market. Multiple small-satellite operators have entered the market and some of them have already launched their satellites. Frost & Sullivan’s research indicated that over 12,000 small-satellites ...


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  4. 22 Oct 2019  |  Global

    Small Satellite Launch Services Market, Half-yearly Update, H1 2019, Forecast to 2033

    Growing Demand for Launch and the Onset of Scheduled Dedicated Launch Services

    Small satellites are at the spotlight of the evolution of the space industry. Small satellite ecosystem is expanding at an accelerated pace, with new entrants offering innovative space solutions; existing players are expanding their portfolio by investing in the small satellite value chain. It is important to investigate the past and current state ...


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  5. 03 Sep 2019  |  North America

    Commercial Aerospace MRO Market in the United States, 2019

    The United States continues to lead the world in MRO spending, but for how long?

    This analysis will evaluate the commercial aircraft fleet and MRO market in the United States in 2018. The market segmentation is based on multiple criteria including airlines, airframe and engine OEMs, aircraft types, aircraft models, modifications, as well as the type of MRO maintenance. This research highlights market trends along with technolog...


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  6. 30 Aug 2019  |  North America

    Frost Radar in the Global Commercial Aircraft Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Market

    A Measurement System to Spark Companies 2 Action (C2A)—Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

    Prior to the 1990s, airlines around the world staffed thousands of employees to keep their fleets airworthy and flying. A combination of the emergence of low-cost carriers (LCLs) and airlines being driven to reduce overhead created a competitive environment to purchase lower cost maintenance from third-party vendors. Seventeen commercial aircraft ...


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  7. 06 Aug 2019  |  Global

    Global Space Industry Outlook, 2019 and Beyond

    Small Satellites and Downstream Digital Transformations are Driving Innovation and Growth Opportunities Across the Space Industry Value Chain

    The space industry, across the value chain, is witnessing disruption from the influx of new space systems, products, and services. The industry is becoming highly competitive and a major focus is on developing flexible and affordable solutions for end customers. Satellite platforms are becoming more agile and robust with the execution of software-b...


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  8. 21 Jun 2019  |  Global

    Global Aircraft Electric Power Systems Market, Forecast to 2023

    Conventional Architectures with Limited Electrification to be Part of Future Upgrades for Commercial Aircraft Platforms

    The commercial aircraft electric power systems (EPS) market will witness growth due to increasing adoption of electrical systems over pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Electrification is a major trend and the number of companies investing is growing. The competitive landscape is expected to change significantly in the next few years and market cons...


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  9. 16 May 2019  |  Asia Pacific

    Assessment of the Business Aviation Landscape in East Asia

    Business Jet Fleet Size in East Asia Expected to Reach Close to 750 Aircraft by 2023

    This study conducts an assessment of business aviation landscape in East Asia with a fleet forecast to 2023, unlocking the key trends, analyzing the business aviation industry of the top 5 country markets, understanding the roadblocks affecting the industry's development and discussing high-level solutions. The business aviation ecosystem is not we...


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  10. 02 May 2019  |  North America

    2019 Global Commercial Aerospace Outlook

    Continued Record Increase in Commercial Aircraft Production Will Stretch Supply Chain Capabilities

    The global commercial aerospace market saw a year of growth in 2018 as the supply chain was pushed to the limits. 2019 is not going to offer any relief for the supply chain as OEMs scramble to capitalize on the strong demand, especially in the APAC region where the market for commercial aircraft is witnessing exploding growth. One OEM is expected t...


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