Big Data and Analytics Market Research Reports

The world is creating 2.5 exabytes of data daily. Every organization needs to access that tidal wave of information to make better, faster decisions—or risks being left behind.

Our BDA program can help. We perform ongoing research to provide you with up-to-date insights and perspectives on industry and technology trends, market measurements and forecasts, and strategic movements. With a global team of 300+ analysts and consultants focused on big data applications and enabling technologies, Frost & Sullivan offers the most comprehensive research into the ecosystem, new business models, business and consumer applications, and much more.

  • If you are a big data and analytics (BDA) buyer: how can you access, manage, and distribute data—so your people can work smarter, and your company can prosper in the ultra-competitive global economy?
  • If you are a BDA provider: how can you keep your finger on the pulse of the market—so you can compete most effectively and deliver solutions buyers want?
  • If you are an investor: where should you place your bets?
  1. 09 Dec 2016  |  Latin America  |  Market Research

    Big Data Telecommunications Market Evolution in Latin America

    Growth Opportunities for Latin American Telcos with Big Data Bringing Benefits to Customer Service and Business Strategies

    Telcos need to pursue a range of digital opportunities to compensate the decline in the traditional service revenue. Combining insights across service and network performance aligned with telco business targets is the key factor for success. Telcos are starting to recognize that fully automated real-time analytics can accelerate, optimize, and pote...

  2. This SPIE is somewhat unique in that, rather than focusing externally on market forces, Stratecast is taking a hard look in the mirror. Is what we offer so unique that AI technology cannot replace us? Can AI provide the same sorts of market advantages that engaging with an analyst firm can? This SPIE explores these questions.

  3. This SPIE report discusses the software-defined data center, including its evolution from virtualization technology. It also assesses the benefits and challenges of current SDDC platforms, and how Stratoscale answers those challenges with its Symphony platform. Finally, the report reviews the Symphony platform, including its architecture, features ...

  4. Stratecast is currently tracking approximately 600 vendors of Big Data and analytics (BDA) solutions. Stratecast has organized vendors into 18 solution types, grouped into the five broad categories: Big Data & Analytics Core Products and Services; Business Process and Strategic Analytics; Mobile, Retail, and Location Analytics; Social and Site Anal...

  5. 08 Sep 2016  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Growth Opportunities for Healthcare Big Data—An Analysis of Global Case Studies

    Big Data Initiatives Targeted at Health Prediction and Precision

    The healthcare industry has been a laggard in Big Data adoption as compared to other verticals and continues to battle challenges around interoperability, budget constraints, and insufficient strategic planning and change management. However, the intent to leverage the power of Big Data is evident across all industry stakeholders, including governm...

  6. 24 Jun 2016  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Business Analytics in Life Sciences

    The Time is Ripe for a Technology Revamp in Clinical Trials

    The drastic increase in the number of clinical trials performed worldwide is leading to a sharp rise in R&D expenditure incurred by life sciences companies. To overcome this challenge, companies are targeting clinical trials to achieve higher efficiencies, which will bring new drugs faster to market and reduce R&D cost burden. The solution lies in ...

  7. 12 May 2016  |  North America  |  Strategic Forecasting

    Over-the-top (OTT) - Growth Strategies for Communications Service Providers (CSPs)

    Quantifying and Shaping Customer Experiences will be Key to Revenue Growth

    This Stratecast report analyzes today’s brave new world of broadband services, and highlights five areas where CSPs need to be focusing mindshare and resources in order to differentiate themselves from their rapidly-expanding pool of large, well-funded competitors.

  8. 17 Mar 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    North American Smart Pumps Market—Impact of IoT, Analytics, and Technology Disruption, Forecast to 2020

    Business Models and Revenue Streams Transform as Innovative Game Changers Deliver Niche Products

    Technology convergence is driving unprecedented change in the manufacturing and process industry. This inspired the term "Kodak Moment," which means a new competitor completely alters the industry’s business model and the incumbent withers away unable to weather the change. The pumps industry is poised to experience the Kodak Moment. This researc...

  9. 09 Feb 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Convergence of Satellite Imagery and Analytics with Agriculture, Mining and Forestry Industries Requirements

    Opportunities Increase for Web-based GIS/Analytics Solutions Accessible on Smart Devices and Laptops, More Affordable Satellite Imagery

    This study aims to cover key existing and evolving end-user needs that can support new product development efforts in the GIS/Analytics domain. Stakeholder views from across the agriculture, mining, and forestry domains have been analyzed for evolving opportunities that can be capitalized by GIS/Analytics solution developers and satellite imagery s...

  10. 13 Jan 2016  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Big Data Analytics in Europe's Public Sector

    Increasing Real-world Implementations Offer a Glimpse of Vast Opportunities Awaiting the Public Sector

    The public sector has vast amounts of data it has historically held, managed, and used. Today, it faces increasing user (citizen) expectations to improve existing services and expand across areas like healthcare as the elderly population increases globally, while improving efficiency under increasing budgetary pressures. Big Data Analytics (BDA) ca...