CASE & Construction Chemicals

  1. 31 Mar 2021  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Technology Advances Enabling Sustainability in Building and Construction Industry

    Disruptive Innovations Focusing On Decarbonization Help Stakeholders Meet Sustainability Demands In The Building & Construction Industry

    The United Nations Environment Programme currently estimates that the building and construction industry accounts for 36% of the global energy consumption, and subsequently account for approximately 40% of the global carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The increasing industrialization and urbanization activities will further increase the ...

  2. 15 Mar 2021  |  Global  |  Market Outlook

    Innovative Business Models to Transform the Global C.A.S.E. Market, Outlook 2021

    Customer Experience Enhanced by Digitally Enabled Operations Creates New Growth Opportunities

    This research service covers the research and analysis for the coatings, adhesives and sealants, and elastomers (C.A.S.E.) market at a global level. End markets of this industry have been undergoing varied degrees of transformation as a result of a number of Mega Trends, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and international trade wars, in addition to pro...

  3. 08 Jan 2021  |  Global  |  Market Outlook

    Key Architectural Trends Determining Construction Materials Usage, Outlook 2021

    Trends Such as Sustainability, Verticalisation, Construction Automation, and Lightweighting Drive the Usage of Different Materials

    This study aims to provide a growth outlook and top predictions for 2021 for the global construction materials market. The scope of the study comprises analysis of the construction materials market by material and geographic segmentation. The consumption of construction materials is dependent on the demand from construction activities across the ...