On-Road and Offroad Commercial Vehicles

Frost & Sullivan's global commercial vehicle program provides clarity in strategic decision making opportunities related to global commercial vehicle technologies, econometrics, applications, and the respective markets.

The program works closely with leading global OEMs, Tier I suppliers, governments, regulators, and financial industry participants among other industry stakeholder groups, to provide our client with prescriptive research and advisory services. Our commercial vehicle research content focal point encompasses truck, trailer, bus, light commercial vehicle, and other commercial vehicle powertrain, chassis, safety, telematics, and regulation compliance technologies. This content is developed and derived through a combination of strong secondary and primary (demand and supply side) research and analysis. Our technology, market, region, and issue based research consistently delivers time- and mission-critical research and analysis to the widest cross section of market participants.

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This research study aims to provide an insight into the door modules & systems market in Europe. Drivers and restraints to the market, factors influencing door implementation, supplier responsibility levels, business models, VM platform strategies and Supply chain . The study constitutes a detailed account of the different Vehicle Manufacturer stra...

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28 Mar 2019  |  Latin America

Latin America Passenger Vehicle Market Outlook, 2019

The Market will Keep Growing, Mainly Pushed by Brazil, Reaching 5.72 Million Units, with a 4.3% Growth from 2018

The present study analyzes the Latin American automotive market growth forecast for 2019, which is expected to be around 5.72 million units to be commercialized in the region, representing a 4.3% growth from previous year’s sales volumes. The study focuses in analyzing country-specific market performances and dynamics for the period 2017-2019, wi...

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05 Mar 2015  |  Global

Strategic Outlook of Global Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market in 2015

Global Telematics Installed Base to Surpass 17.6 Million by 2015

The study aims to analyse and forecast the global commercial vehicle telematics market for 2015. The major focus is on market trends and regional trends in services, solutions, and technologies for specific segments such as light commercial vehicles, medium commercial vehicles, and heavy and extra heavy commercial vehicles. The study highlights the...

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17 Jun 2015  |  Global

Global Overview of Truck Video Safety Solutions Market

360 Degree Solution to Unwind Newer Opportunities

This research service analyzes video safety solutions in LCV and M/HCV trucks globally. Under the compliance, safety, and accountability (CSA) environment, fleets are looking to improve safe driving practices and reduce fleets’ risks by using advanced safety technologies. Fleets are evaluating the return on investment of safety solutions based on...

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09 Jul 2015  |  North America

Executive Outlook of the Global Medium- and Heavy-Duty Low-Cost Truck Market

By 2022, Low-Cost Truck Sales will Reach 1.3 Million Units

The TRIAD is expected to experience increasing demand for low-cost trucks due to the struggling economy. Proliferation of low-cost Chinese and Indian brands is likely in these markets in the medium-duty truck segment. Higher penetration of low-cost brands from China and India is likely in Next 11, Africa, and South America due to similar market con...

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24 Mar 2015  |  Global

2015 Global Outlook of the Medium-Heavy-duty Truck Industry

Global Sales to Increase by 90 Thousand Units amid Fuel Price Volatility

Strong momentum in the North American and Next 11 markets, coupled with the recovery of the Indian market, will increase global truck output to 2.88 million in 2015. Key volume markets, such as Europe, Brazil, and Russia, are expected to remain weak due to economic and political uncertainties. The low oil price scenario will restrain the adoption o...

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02 Apr 2015  |  Global

Executive Impact Analysis of Shale Gas on Global MD-HD Truck Market

Shale Gas to Boost Global NG Truck Sales by 46 Percent by 2022

The study provides an executive impact analysis of shale gas in global medium-heavy duty truck market. Boom in shale gas production in North America has altered the role of fossil fuels, with natural gas emerging as the favored alternative to crude-oil. Lower price is the key factor driving adoption of natural gas in the automotive sector, and fact...

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05 Jan 2016  |  Global

Executive Analysis of the Global Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Transmissions Market

By 2025, 44% of New Trucks Globally to Feature AMT or AT

Better fuel economy, narrowing price difference with Manual Transmission (due to improving economies of scale) alongside exacerbating skilled driver shortage and increasing level of automated driving across developed economies are expediting the adoption of electronically controlled transmissions: Automated Manual Transmissions (AMTs) and Automatic...

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30 Sep 2015  |  Global

Executive Profiles of Key Truck Telematics Vendors—PART 1

Established Telematics Vendors to seek Global Opportunities through M&A

This research service covers comprehensive profiles of key truck telematics vendors across the world. Each profile furnishes details such as company overview, SWOT analysis, segment/region contributions, packages, and the conforming price points in the respective currencies. The profiled companies are analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively for c...

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28 Sep 2015  |  Global

Executive Analysis of Internet Use Cases in Trucks

Internet-enabled Services to Reduce the Average Truck Driver Age to 35–40 in the Next 7 Years

This research study analyzes the current and future developments in truck ecosystem with the Internet of Things (IoT) taking shape in the trucking industry. Growing awareness of IoT in the automotive industry has unveiled a number of smart trucking services that could significantly benefit the fraternity in various aspects. While OEMs are building ...

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