On-Road and Offroad Commercial Vehicles

Frost & Sullivan's global commercial vehicle program provides clarity in strategic decision making opportunities related to global commercial vehicle technologies, econometrics, applications, and the respective markets.

The program works closely with leading global OEMs, Tier I suppliers, governments, regulators, and financial industry participants among other industry stakeholder groups, to provide our client with prescriptive research and advisory services. Our commercial vehicle research content focal point encompasses truck, trailer, bus, light commercial vehicle, and other commercial vehicle powertrain, chassis, safety, telematics, and regulation compliance technologies. This content is developed and derived through a combination of strong secondary and primary (demand and supply side) research and analysis. Our technology, market, region, and issue based research consistently delivers time- and mission-critical research and analysis to the widest cross section of market participants.

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19 Aug 2021  |  Global

Theme VI: Developments in Commercial Vehicles 2025—Voice of Industry Thought Leaders

Intelligent Mobility Event, Japan, 2021

Economic recovery post the pandemic, increased demand for freight, and replacement of aging truck fleets will all provide a boost to commercial vehicle (CV) sales in 2021. The shift in last mile delivery will be the most significant trend impacted by COVID-19, resulting in the emergence of tailored last mile delivery solutions that address dynamic ...

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19 Aug 2021  |  Asia Pacific

Theme VII: Innovations in Last Mile Delivery—Voice of Industry Thought Leaders

Intelligent Mobility Event, Japan, 2021

The e-commerce boom, increasing internet penetration, intensifying urbanization and a work-from-home economy brought on by COVID-19 have accelerated the demand for last-mile delivery. There has been significant growth in last-mile delivery for a number of years, posing challenges for businesses and also driving steady innovation and progress. Then ...

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14 Jul 2021  |  North America

North American Light Commercial Vehicle Growth Opportunities

The Overall LCV Market in North America is Expected to Grow to 5.0 Million Units by 2025, with New Product Development in EVs Helping it Achieve a Penetration of 6.2%

The overall light commercial vehicle (LCV) market in North America was at 3.74 million units in 2020 with pickups contributing 88% of those volumes. Within the LCV segment, the lower weight segment, class 1/2a (<=8,500 lbs.) made up 57% of the market while the higher weight segment, class 2b/3 (8,501-14,000 lbs.), made up the rest. Ford was the mar...

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01 Jul 2021  |  Global

Global Fuel Cell Trucks Growth Opportunities

The Prospect of Fuel Cell Trucks in Hydrogen Economies is Intriguing for Companies That Pursue Zero-emission Mobility Solutions

Globally, countries are increasingly adopting policies to increase the pace of transition toward zero emission. Governments are evaluating different pathways to achieve carbon neutrality, and investments, and activities in the energy sector are directed around it. Commercial vehicles currently are among the major carbon emitters, with very high per...

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11 Jun 2021  |  North America

Global Light, and Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicle Outlook, 2021

Growth Strategies to Aid the Market Rebound from Last Year’s Lows Due to COVID-19, with LCV and M&HD Truck Segments Expected to Grow by 10.3% and 5.9%, Respectively, this Year

The trucking industry was not immune to the disruptions in supply chain and falling trade that the global COVId-19 pandemic created. Major markets, such as North America and Latin America, were badly hit, while Europe and India suffered the steepest sales declines. China was the only region to register positive growth across both LCV and M&HD Truck...

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07 Apr 2021  |  North America

Pro-green Government Policies and Incentives Power the Electric Bus Market

CASE Convergence and Value Chain Integration Will Ensure Transformational Growth

Electric buses will find traction across major regions driven by emission regulations, battery price drop, the emergence of low emission zones, purchase subsidy, and tax exemptions. The growing adoption of electric transit buses has enabled global sourcing and supply chain for alternate powertrain buses. The market is witnessing strong collaborati...

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02 Feb 2021  |  Europe

Life Cycle and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis of Heavy, Medium, and Light Duty Trucks in Europe

During a 15-year Life Cycle, Battery Electric Trucks Offer a TCO Benefit of 8% to 16% Compared to Diesel Trucks

During the 15-year lifetime of a truck, the total cost of ownership is lowest for battery electric trucks, followed by natural gas and diesel powertrains across light, medium, and heavy duty segments. As the truck gets older, maintenance cost increases with decrease in mileage, resulting in increasing total cost of ownership (TCO) per mile. Miles t...

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11 Jan 2021  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Disruptive Technologies and Innovative Business Models Transforming the Transport Management System Market in India

Growth of the eCommerce Industry, Digital Transformation of Logistics Operations, and Shifting End-user Preference towards Low Cost of Ownership to Drive Uptake of TMS Solutions

The transport management system (TMS) market in India is estimated to register double-digit CAGR from 2019 to 2028. Growth of the eCommerce industry, digital transformation of logistic operations, and shifting end-user preference towards low cost of ownership will drive the growth of TMS solutions in the country. This study covers the TMS software ...

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11 Jan 2021  |  North America

Technology Innovation Driving the Transformation of the US Electric Commercial Vehicle Market

Government Incentives and Charging Infrastructure Development by Public and Private Entities to Boost Uptake of Electric Buses and Trucks

The medium-duty and heavy-duty truck and bus markets in the US are expected to show strong recovery following the major dip in 2020 due to the dire impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on production and sales. However, the crisis is forecast to have a relatively lower impact on the electric truck and bus markets. The electric bus segment shows a slight d...

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11 Dec 2020  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Intense Competition among Dealers and Distributors Reshaping the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Bus Industry

Government Efforts and Initiatives to Develop Infrastructure and Boost Tourism Fuel Growth Strategies

The GCC bus industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth (CAGR) of 3.6% by 2025. Industry sales have been severely impacted by the economic downturn, resulting from decline in oil prices due to the OPEC Agreement. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a major effect on GCC bus industry sales, which are estimated to decline by 19% in...

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