Cybersecurity Market Research Reports

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  1. 13 Dec 2023  |  Global  |  Frost Radar

    Frost Radar : External Risk Mitigation and Management, 2023

    A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

    Enterprise digitalization efforts have altered the modern threat landscape. IT is more complex, and third-party integration is more essential, complicating security and increasing attack surfaces. Traditional perimeter-based security measures no longer protect a cloud-extended workspace: threat actors now target digital assets beyond an organizatio...

  2. 30 Oct 2014  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Cybersecurity in the Automotive Industry

    OEMs and Technology Vendors Focus on Safety and Privacy

    More than 50 vulnerable points in a car could significantly risk its security. By 2020, Frost & Sullivan expects 85% of vehicles to be connected to the Internet. Cyber threats today are not significant, but they have a high potential to cause damage to brands and lives. The traditional automotive ecosystem was a closed environment; with the introdu...


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  3. 29 Sep 2014  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Impact of Cybersecurity Innovations in Key Sectors (Technical Insights)

    Customized cybersecurity measures help overcome Industry specific challenges

    The growing number of cyber attacks and cyber crimes have resulted in compromise of data, important computing resources and network outages. With the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in almost every sector, attacks have been increasing at an alarming rate. The need for efficient cybersecurity solutions is evident i...


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  4. 17 Mar 2014  |  North America  |  Strategic Forecasting

    Cybersecurity Threats Require Dynamic Response Capabilities


    This report looks at the similarities and differences between the approach to address enterprise IT cybersecurity needs and communications service provider (CSP) fraud management. The report explains the common thread of business challenge shared between all industries and the CSP global marketplace. It also analyzes some of the drivers for fraud, ...


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