Electric Vehicle Market Research

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The study deals with what the business user wants, needs and aspirations are for electric vehicles. It consists of Fleet Business Analysis involving findings from fleet drivers and fleet Managers studies. It compares findings of passenger car and LCV fleets. It conducts a comprehensive analysis of the Passenger Car Fleet Market. It involves Electr...

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This study covers the state of the Chinese electric vehicles market, examining market drivers, restraints for growth, challenges for customer adoption, regulatory environment and government incentives to promote sales and finally competitive dynamics of local and foreign vehicle manufacturers in China. Following these market potential for the overa...

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This research study focusses on providing all the presentations from Frost & Sullivan's 2 day workshop event in June 2010 in London named electric vehicle unplugged 2010 new business models and infrastructure development trends. These include presentations from Frost & Sullivan Europe and China team and host of other companies such as Nissan, Ford,...

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The study focuses on the reuse/second life and recycling market for the lithium-ion batteries used in the EVs. It provides an overview of the market trends, geographic resources of lithium, industry challenges, and demand and supply projections of lithium for the automotive sector. Furthermore, this study also looks at feasible reuse/second life ap...

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This study presents a comparative analysis of European OEMs EV launch strategy, product and price positioning. This study introduces the European EV market, market size, the participants in the market and their key models line-up for the study period. This study also draws top level comparison of vehicle features and price, key enablers in various ...

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05 Jan 2011  |  North America

Electric Vehicles: The Voice of the U.S. Fleet Customers

Electric Vehicles

This service presents the findings of fleet manager and fleet driver surveys with regards to fleet usage, attitudes, perception and buying interest in electric vehicles. The study deals with what the business user wants, needs and aspirations are for electric vehicles. It consists of fleet business analysis involving findings from fleet drivers and...

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This research service provides a detailed discussion and analysis of the electric vehicles market in India. It includes electric two wheelers and electric cars. Industry challenges, market drivers, restraints, product life cycle, global trends in sales of electric vehicles and product positioning strategies, new product offerings, battery technolog...

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This database gives the list of incentives for electric vehicle globally for different regions and countries on registration tax, road tax, value added tax, cash incentives and non cash incentives to encourage electric vehicle promotion. The dashboard gives an overview of basis for taxation on conventional new vehicles and incentivisation for elect...

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This research service includes analysis of neighbourhood electric vehicles market in Asia Pacific. It includes industry challenges, market drivers and restraints, product and technology roadmaps. It also includes electric motor, battery, power electronics market that includes market size and forecasts for NEVs by production and sales, market breakd...

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16 Feb 2011  |  North America

Global Electric Vehicles Market Forecast Database

This database provides vehicle model-wise sales forecasts for electric vehicles. The database also gives OEM level information and is segmented with respect to region, OE type, vehicle segment and EV segment. NEVs, CEVs, HPEVs, PHEVs and eREVs are covered in the database.

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