Electronics and Sensors Market Research Reports

The Frost & Sullivan Electronics & Sensors group provides global market analysis and forecasts, insights into emerging technologies, current trends and challenges, and new opportunities to grow your business.
The electronics world is becoming smaller, more compact, sleeker, faster and price-competitive. The pervasiveness of electronics will continue to increase rapidly in walks of life whether medical, aerospace and defense, automotive and ever-present consumer electronics

  1. 24 Jun 2014  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the Electronic Manufacturing Services Market

    Smart Factories and the Use of Robotics will Transform Demand

    This deliverable analyzes growth opportunities for electronic manufacturing services (EMS) providers in the industrial automation field with respect to the future of smart factories and robotics. The scope of the study includes market drivers and restraints, pricing trends, and growth trends for EMS providers in industrial automation. It evaluates ...


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  2. 14 May 2014  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Global Wireless Sensor Networks Market

    Realtime Remote Monitoring, Scalability, Lower Costs, and Robustness Stimulate Large-Scale Adoption

    The wireless sensor networks market is in the growth stage of its life cycle. The networks are used in a large number of end-user industries. The adoption of wireless sensor networks is increasing. Monitoring applications dominate the market and generate the largest revenue with higher growth prospects. Large multinational companies compete strongl...


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  3. 13 May 2014  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the Global 2D-Barcode Scanners Market

    Enhanced Operational Efficiency at Optimum Pricing Drives the Growth of 2D-Barcode Scanners

    This research service analyses the trends in the global 2D-barcode scanners market. 1D-barcode technology currently dominates the market based on its ease-of-use and pricing. Therefore, this study focuses on the challenges and factors that are likely to drive the market growth of 2D-barcode scanners in the coming years. The study provides regional ...


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  4. 08 May 2014  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the Industrial X-ray Detectors and Sources Market

    Companies Establishing Strategic Relationships with OEMs are Expected to Lead the Market

    This research study features an overview of the industrial X-ray detectors and sources market. The study provides top-level revenues, revenue forecasts, and regional revenue forecasts. The market is segmented into detectors and sources; unit shipments, revenue, market share, and pricing trends for products including amorphous silicon (a-Si) and com...


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  5. This issue profiles a die-sized CMOS image sensor with 1500 megapixels resolution, a method for fabricating wafer-scale graphene without degrading its electrical and mechanical properties, and a static random-access memory with reduced power consumption.


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  6. 04 Apr 2014  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Analysis of Sensor Market in the Global Aerospace Industry

    Sensors Explosion Expected in the Near Term

    Aircraft use a number of sensors to measure and sense critical parameters during flight. The information provided by these sensors is crucial for a safe flight. This research service discusses the market revenue, forecasts, and units of 11 different sensors used in 2 different types of aircraft (commercial and general). With the commercial aircraft...


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  7. 31 Mar 2014  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Top Technologies in Sensors and Control (Technical Insights)

    Smarter and Safer World Enabled by Intelligent Sensors

    This research service covers key technology trends in the Sensor and Control cluster. Technologies that are bound to have high impact in this sector in the near-term and medium-term are profiled. The study captures the following dimensions of each technology: Year of Impact, Market Opportunity, Global Footprint, Funding Scenario, Patent Activity, S...


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  8. 12 Mar 2014  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Sensors in Test and Measurement

    Innovation in Testing Methods for Achieving Greater Reliability and Performance Drives Demand

    This PMI discusses sensors in different test and measurement applications such as in aerospace and defense, automotive and transportation, power generation, civil engineering, consumer electronics, environmental. Sensors discussed here are accelerometers, pressure sensors, load cells, microphones, temperature sensors, displacement sensors, torque s...


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  9. 11 Mar 2014  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the Global RFID in Manufacturing Market

    Demand for Active RFID will Increase to Fulfill Business Needs more Efficiently

    Demand from North America as the biggest market for RFID in manufacturing is helping to revolutionize the market for expensive active tags. The cheaper passive tags are increasingly being adopted in Western and Eastern Europe, with added promise from Asia-Pacific, which is set to become a manufacturing hub. RFID technology is increasing worldwide a...


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  10. 10 Mar 2014  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Test and Measurement in the Global Electronics Manufacturing Services Market

    Product Complexity and Quality Assurance to Drive Test Opportunities

    This study analyzes growth opportunities and current trends in test and measurement for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers. Increasing complexity of electronic assembly and miniaturization of components have bolstered demand for testing services. Original equipment manufacturers are increasing reliance on EMS partners for product qu...


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