Energy Market Research Reports

The global Energy industry is in the midst of an unprecedented evolution. The expansion of renewable energy sources, advancements in smart grid technologies, and the rising adoption of energy storage solutions are driving rapid shifts in the market. Businesses must stay informed with the latest market research and insights to stay ahead and capitalize on new opportunities.

Frost & Sullivan’s market research reports, customized for the Energy sector, provide in-depth market forecasts, trend analyses, competitive benchmarking, and growth opportunity insights. Our reports are developed by expert analysts and researchers, leveraging a comprehensive research methodology that integrates primary and secondary data sources....

Key Topics Covered:

  • Renewable Energy & Generation:
    • Solar Energy: Growth in global solar PV, advancements in thin film & bifacial solar cells, flexible solar cell technology
    • Wind Energy: Growth opportunities in wind power, advancements in next-generation wind energy systems
    • Wave & Tidal Energy: Breakthroughs in wave and tidal renewable energy generation
    • Hydrogen Production: Innovation and growth for methane pyrolysis-based hydrogen production
  • Energy Storage:
    • Battery Storage: Growth in global stationary lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, emerging sodium-ion battery innovations
    • Mechanical Energy Storage: Breakthrough advancements in mechanical energy storage technologies
  • Grid Management & Infrastructure:
    • Global Grid Equipment: Growth opportunities for equipment to integrate renewable energy and modernize grids
    • Disruptive Technologies for Power-to-X: Exploring technologies converting renewable electricity into other energy forms
    • Digital Grid Technologies: Advancements in digital twin technology and the Digital Grid Country Attractiveness Index
    • Industrial Electrification: Shifting industrial processes from fossil fuels to electricity
  • Regional Energy Outlooks:
    • Europe: European Power & Energy Outlook and Growth Opportunities, 2024
    • MENA: MENA Power and Energy Outlook and Growth Opportunities, 2024
    • North America: North American Power & Energy Outlook (2024 & 2023)
    • Asia-Pacific: Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Outlook 2024
    • Latin America: Latin American Power & Energy Outlook, 2024
  • Other Key Areas:
    • Carbon Capture: Growth opportunities in the direct air carbon capture industry
    • Emissions Management: Growth opportunities for technologies in the oil and gas sector
    • Data Center Cooling: Growth opportunities for efficient cooling technologies
    • Global UPS Market: Growth opportunities in the global Uninterruptible Power Supply market
    • Oil & Gas Industry: Outlook (2024), automation growth opportunities, service company adaptation to the energy transition
    • Commercial Heat Pumps: Growth opportunities for global commercial heat pumps

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  1. 23 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Technological Advancements In Floating Solar Technologies

    Innovative Designs, High-Grade Materials, and Tracking Technology Enhance the Viability of Floating Solar

    Because of the increasing population, land acquisition costs are increasing, which presents a challenge for the conventional land-based solar power industry. Floating solar photovoltaics (FSPVs), also known as floatovoltaics, do not require land and will play a major role in the renewable industry in the coming years. FSPVs float on bodies of water...

  2. 22 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Technology Trends and Advancements in Nuclear Hydrogen

    Advancements in High-temperature Electrolysis and the Shift Toward Hydrogen Economy will provide Competitive Intensity to Nuclear Hydrogen Production

    While clean energy resources are replacing fossil fuels, hydrogen has emerged as an attractive path to decarbonizing the industrial sector, demonstrating strong potential to have a substantial impact on the energy and transportation sectors. With its high energy density and ability to provide heat and electricity to produce low-cost hydrogen on a l...

  3. 15 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Breakthrough Innovations in 3G Solar Cells

    High-power Conversion Efficiency, Lower Levelized Energy Cost, and Wide Application Diversity Driving Products to Commercialization

    As the solar energy industry progresses on its path to becoming elemental to global energy supply, newer generation solar cells must overcome the limitations of silicon solar cells used today. These issues include material wastage during manufacturing, inability to provide flexible cell formats, and limitations to theoretical efficiency at a maximu...

  4. 14 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Breakthrough Advancements in Geothermal Energy Technology and Global Growth Opportunities

    Advanced closed-loop and enhanced geothermal systems are emerging as key disruptive technologies driving geothermal industry growth

    Geothermal energy involves the use of the underground heat generated from the Earth’s core for electricity and heating purposes. While solar and wind energy technologies represent the mainstream renewable energy sources, geothermal energy has its own distinct advantages. Its capacity to provide heating/cooling and power generation, the steady ene...

  5. 12 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Technological Advancements Enabling Saltwater Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production

    Stable Electrodes and Membrane-free Design Improve Process Viability

    Water electrolysis using electrolyzers powered by renewable energy produces green hydrogen, considered the most sustainable hydrogen type. Conventional electrolyzers require high water purity for hydrogen production as the impurities and salt contents damage the electrode and other components of the electrolyzer cells. However, over 96.5% of natura...

  6. 01 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Technology Trends and Advancements in Nuclear Energy Utilization

    Next-generation Nuclear Technologies Promote Carbon Neutrality and Hydrogen Economy Growth Opportunities

    Globally, low-carbon energy resources are increasingly critical to combat climate change and ensure adherence to the Paris Climate Summit declarations, especially net zero carbon emissions targets. Nuclear energy can play a critical role due to its high energy density, low land footprint compared to renewable energy sources, and cost competitivenes...

  7. 29 Nov 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Technological Advancements Enabling Ammonia for Efficient Hydrogen Storage

    Safe Handling and High Hydrogen Recovery for Direct Utilization Drive the Demand for Ammonia as a Preferred Hydrogen Storage Medium

    Global efforts to decarbonize the energy and industrial sectors have necessitated looking beyond conventional fossil fuels as the primary energy source. Hydrogen, which has a significantly higher energy content than traditional energy sources such as oil and natural gas, is gaining traction in the industry. However, its low volumetric density requi...

  8. 19 Oct 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Technology Breakthroughs Enabling Battery Management Systems

    Highly Accurate Data Collection and Precise Control Enhance Battery Performance

    Battery manufacturers are under constant pressure to reduce battery costs and increase the energy density. To do so, they are experimenting with and commercializing batteries that have altered chemistries and producing compact battery packs. But the regular changes in battery chemistry and increased compactness may compromise safe operation. This i...

  9. 17 Oct 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Disruptive Technologies Accelerating the Growth of Concentrated Solar Power

    Improved operational efficiency and integration with thermal energy storage technology will enhance competitive intensity

    This research service focuses on new and disruptive technologies in the concentrated solar power (CSP) industry. Solar energy technology has witnessed consistent improvements in terms of energy and cost efficiency. While solar photovoltaics is currently the most widely adopted method of solar energy utilization, CSP technology has several features ...

  10. 04 Aug 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Growth Opportunities for Breakthrough Innovations in High-temperature Electrolysis Technology

    Growing Demand for Green Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Drives Future Growth Potential

    This research study focuses on disruptive technologies and the latest achievements in electrolyzer technologies. The study highlights the necessity for electrolysis technology and discusses the major challenges its development faces in gaining wide-scale market adoption and competitiveness. High-temperature fuel cells are a promising technology...