The energy and environment industry is undergoing rapid transformation from a static and conventional system to the fluid and dynamic Internet of Energy. Renewables are a significant portion of the world’s energy production, with rapid growth of the last decade spurring advanced solutions in grid technologies and energy storage. Nevertheless, fossil fuels continue to dominate much of the world’s power portfolio, from the adherents and detractors of fracking for oil and gas, to the continued high volume of coal used in key global regions. Services to the industry are rapidly evolving to leverage the influx of information from the Industrial Internet, creating new solutions and business models such as advanced predictive maintenance, optimized generation and storage, innovative energy efficiency solutions and X-as-a-Service. And all of this is driven by the push and pull of increasing demand for cleaner air and water alongside the need for more power and energy.

Frost & Sullivan works closely with the world’s largest OEMs, utilities, service providers and IT firms to help them find the opportunities in this sea of change. Our experts and consultants constantly engage with markets from oil and gas to electricity, grids to homes and buildings, and the critical needs for power, water, and environmental solutions across all sectors of the global economy.

  1. 23 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Technological Advancements In Floating Solar Technologies

    Innovative Designs, High-Grade Materials, and Tracking Technology Enhance the Viability of Floating Solar

    Because of the increasing population, land acquisition costs are increasing, which presents a challenge for the conventional land-based solar power industry. Floating solar photovoltaics (FSPVs), also known as floatovoltaics, do not require land and will play a major role in the renewable industry in the coming years. FSPVs float on bodies of water...


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  2. 22 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Technology Trends and Advancements in Nuclear Hydrogen

    Advancements in High-temperature Electrolysis and the Shift Toward Hydrogen Economy will provide Competitive Intensity to Nuclear Hydrogen Production

    While clean energy resources are replacing fossil fuels, hydrogen has emerged as an attractive path to decarbonizing the industrial sector, demonstrating strong potential to have a substantial impact on the energy and transportation sectors. With its high energy density and ability to provide heat and electricity to produce low-cost hydrogen on a l...


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  3. 16 Dec 2022  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Global Residential Heat Pump Growth Opportunities

    Technology Strategies Push Heat Pumps to Play a Significant Role in Decarbonizing Heat

    The heat pump industry is now revolutionizing in terms of market uptake and initiatives toward grid decarbonization and wean away from Russian gas imports. Social and policy innovation will boost demand in the UK, Germany, and Ireland; high demand will be seen in France, Italy, and the Nordics and moderately high demand in Benelux, Austria, and Pol...


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  4. 15 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Breakthrough Innovations in 3G Solar Cells

    High-power Conversion Efficiency, Lower Levelized Energy Cost, and Wide Application Diversity Driving Products to Commercialization

    As the solar energy industry progresses on its path to becoming elemental to global energy supply, newer generation solar cells must overcome the limitations of silicon solar cells used today. These issues include material wastage during manufacturing, inability to provide flexible cell formats, and limitations to theoretical efficiency at a maximu...


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  5. 14 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Market Outlook

    Outlook 2023: Top 10 Predictions for the Oil & Gas Industry

    Energy Transition and Decarbonization Goals to Drive Innovation and Sustainability Initiatives

    The global energy industry is going through an unprecedented transition period, and this change is bringing exciting new growth opportunities to the oil and gas (O&G) sector. However, the shift to a net-zero future for carbon emissions means many companies are also facing pricing, energy security, and industry disruption struggles. The energy indus...


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  6. 14 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Breakthrough Advancements in Geothermal Energy Technology and Global Growth Opportunities

    Advanced closed-loop and enhanced geothermal systems are emerging as key disruptive technologies driving geothermal industry growth

    Geothermal energy involves the use of the underground heat generated from the Earth’s core for electricity and heating purposes. While solar and wind energy technologies represent the mainstream renewable energy sources, geothermal energy has its own distinct advantages. Its capacity to provide heating/cooling and power generation, the steady ene...


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  7. 12 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Technological Advancements Enabling Saltwater Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production

    Stable Electrodes and Membrane-free Design Improve Process Viability

    Water electrolysis using electrolyzers powered by renewable energy produces green hydrogen, considered the most sustainable hydrogen type. Conventional electrolyzers require high water purity for hydrogen production as the impurities and salt contents damage the electrode and other components of the electrolyzer cells. However, over 96.5% of natura...


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  8. 08 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Global Residential Solar PV Growth Opportunities

    Innovative Business Models and Improved Customer Experience to Drive Growth

    The residential solar PV segment is witnessing a period of fast growth, driven by a combination of an increasingly favorable regulatory climate, higher electricity prices, and concerns over climate change. The restraints that have held the market back, primarily delays in approvals, have grown weaker, as governments gradually tackle these issues. T...


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  9. 05 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Impact of the Russo-Ukrainian War on the Global Power & Energy Industry

    Disruption Accelerates Investment and Drives Innovation

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused significant disruption to global energy markets. Europe has felt the biggest impact as a significant buyer of oil, and particularly gas, from Russia. In fact, Russia accounted for 35.5% of Europe’s gas supply in 2021. As the volume of gas coming from Russia has fallen, Europe has been scrambling to secure...


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  10. 01 Dec 2022  |  Global  |  Technology Research

    Technology Trends and Advancements in Nuclear Energy Utilization

    Next-generation Nuclear Technologies Promote Carbon Neutrality and Hydrogen Economy Growth Opportunities

    Globally, low-carbon energy resources are increasingly critical to combat climate change and ensure adherence to the Paris Climate Summit declarations, especially net zero carbon emissions targets. Nuclear energy can play a critical role due to its high energy density, low land footprint compared to renewable energy sources, and cost competitivenes...


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