Enterprise Content Delivery Market Research Reports

  1. 05 Jul 2017  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Best Practices for Using A Multi-CDN Strategy

    Multi-CDN Deployments Are Getting Plenty of Traction in the Industry.

    The debate surrounding the use of a multi-CDN strategy has been gaining momentum over the last few months, with more case studies showing how it can be done. For a while now, multiple vendors have provided CDN load-balancing as a service, and in that time, customers have learned a lot about the process of configuring CDNs to improve quality and mat...


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  2. 05 Jul 2017  |  North America  |  Market Research

    OTT Growth Not A Big Driver of Revenue for CDNs

    Understanding the Impact of OTT Services on CDN’s Revenue

    The growth of OTT and all video services is having a positive impact on the CDNs, but the growth of these services is tempered by the fact that: the actual rate of growth is small, pricing for the services is low, traffic is split out amongst multiple CDNs, and the number of bits needed to view on mobile and tablets is 2/3 smaller than what’s nee...


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  3. 30 Jun 2017  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Best Practices For CDN Origin Storage

    The Emphasis is on CDN Services to Manage Production Workflows and Improve the End-user Experience.

    CDN is a highly scalable network that handles most requests from edge cache without impacting the content distributor’s origin and application infrastructure. However, the content must be available for retrieval on cache miss or when the request has to pass to the application. Whether the assets are videos, images, files, software binaries, or ot...


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  4. 24 Nov 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Global Media and Entertainment Storage Market, Forecast to 2022

    Media Content and Data Creation Continues to Drive Demand for Storage Solutions

    This research service covers the global media and entertainment storage market and discusses verticals including broadcasting, managed services, publishing, and post-production. Detailed market trend analyses, including market drivers, market restraints, technology trends, and vertical analysis, are provided. Detailed revenue forecasts are also pro...


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  5. 14 Nov 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Akamai’s Media Pricing Cuts Fail to Address the Company’s Underlying Issues

    Akamai Should Consider Exiting the Media Business and Focus onWeb Performance and Security Product Lines

    Akamai must formulate a viable strategy to succeed in an industry that is volatile with thin margins. The company has a commoditized service offering and deals with customers that compete against it. It is challenged both by cloud providers that have more scale and ways to make money, and by competitors that have distinct CapEx advantages. Akamai i...


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  6. 14 Nov 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Akamai Introduces “Fast Purge” Solution Despite Concerns Over Speed and Scale

    Competitors Highlight Akamai’s Purging Limitations to Win Market Deals

    Akamai is well aware of the major content purging limitations of its platform and has been building a new system, which allows purging within a few seconds. Accordingly, Akamai’s new “Fast Purge” solution enables its customers to invalidate or delete their content from all of Akamai’s Edge servers through API and UI in “approximately 5 se...


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  7. 21 Jul 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Machine Learning Holds the Potential to Enhance CDN Services

    Although CDNs play a vital role in how the Web works, the volume, variety, and velocity of the log files that CDNs generate can cause issue detection and mitigation to become exceedingly difficult. To overcome this data challenge, it is necessary to first have an understanding of normal CDN patterns before identifying activities that deviate from t...


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  8. 20 Jun 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Apple’s Internal CDN Now Delivers the Majority of Its Own Content

    Over a period of roughly 3 years, Apple has taken a large percentage of its content delivery to its in-house CDN. It is using its own CDN for iTunes, iOS and OS X updates, music streaming, and a host of other assorted Apple content. Part of Apple’s reasoning for building its own CDN was because of performance issues with iCloud. In addition, Appl...


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  9. 17 Jun 2016  |  North America  |  Strategic Forecasting

    The Fog Rolls In: Network Architectures for IoT and Edge Computing

    In this SPIE, we discuss the emerging concept of “fog computing,” and examine the network’s role in Internet of Things and other distributed computing use cases. We consider challenges enterprises face in deploying a fog architecture, and providers’ efforts to facilitate adoption, including Equinix’s Interconnection Oriented Architecture....


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  10. 17 Jun 2016  |  North America  |  Market Research

    The Impact of Apple and Microsoft Bringing More Traffic to In-House CDNs on Akamai

    As major content owners/distributors continue to bring more of their content delivery in-house, third-party CDN providers are being affected. In the case of Akamai, the key reason for the slowdown in traffic and revenue growth was a result of Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook moving a larger percentage of their traffic to their in-house delivery netwo...


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