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19 Jan 2016  |  Europe

Internet of Intelligent Things -Synergies of IoT with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Long-term Strategic Roadmaps to Highlight Data as Key Asset for Both AI and IoT

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be the two most important changes the industry experiences over the next five years. Frost & Sullivan believes that to look at these trends separately is to miss the wider industry implications.

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19 Jan 2016  |  Europe

Apple Inc. and Artificial Intelligence Overview

Apple Needs to Embrace Open and Collaborative Culture to Succeed in New Internet of Intelligent Things Era

The future of Apple will not be the iPhone, iPad, Watch, or even a car. For Apple to continue its dominance of the technology market and extend into healthcare, transportation, and fashion, it needs to move away from being a computer company. As the Internet of Things gathers pace, every device will be connected to the Internet, and the value is in...

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19 Jan 2016  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Solution Market, Forecast to 2019

On-Premise and Cloud-based Segments Emerge as Key Weapons in Response to Escalation of Sophisticated DDoS Attacks

The Distributed Denial of Services Solution market continued to maintain its strong growth momentum in 2014. The market was estimated at total revenue of $167.9 million, comprising of on-premise and cloud-based solutions, representing a robust growth of 25.8% on a YoY basis. The continuous increase of politically and commercially motivated DDoS at...

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15 Jan 2016  |  North America

How to Use Data to Monetize Smart Devices

Challenges to the predicted runaway success of IoT loom large. This is, in part, because IoT is still a relatively new phenomenon, and because not all businesses have “things” to manage. Stratecast, however, asserts that among those who do, there were three primary reasons for the sparsity of IoT-ready respondents: 1. The lack of a clear, comp...

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07 Jan 2016  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Network Security Market Tracker, Q3 2014

Emerging Advanced Security Technologies Overtake Legacy Network Security Solutions

The Network Security Market in APAC remained stable during Q3 2014, registering a slight growth of 1.8% as compared to Q3 2013. Overall, demand for cybersecurity remained strong among enterprises due to the growing concern over the sophisticated threat landscape, which could be seen as the key driver for the market. However, many enterprises are no...

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06 Jan 2016  |  Europe

Cisco India Summit - Innovating to Make IoT a Reality, December 2015

Greater 'Softwareization' to Help Customers Accelerate Digital Transformation Journey

To remain relevant in an increasingly connected world, IT service providers need to embrace the digital trends impacting customers. Cisco recognized this need early on and has been at the edge of innovation in leading digital transformation globally.

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05 Jan 2016  |  Europe

Distributed Intelligence in Internet of Things (IoT)

ICT Industry is Embracing Co-development and Collaboration to Define the Intelligent Edge of IoT

As billions of connected devices join the Internet of Things (IoT) in the next few years, the network environment will transform into an astonishingly complex hybrid of distributed intelligence, virtualised functions, and multiplicity of access technologies.

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05 Jan 2016  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Hosted Contact Center Services Market, Forecast to 2021

System Flexibility and Scalability Demands to Power Revenues, Adoption of Hosted and Cloud Contact Centre Solutions to Increase

This research service analyzes the hosted contact center services market in the Asia-Pacific region. Market sizing and forecasting are provided in terms of seats and revenue. The competitive landscape is examined at a vendor level as well as at a service provider level. Furthermore, key application vendors and hosted contact center service provider...

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