The global experience with COVID-19 gave financial services companies a unique opportunity to refocus and rebuild the trust of their customers, ultimately leading to their loyalty. Banking is now embedded in the customers’ lifestyle; and as part of banks' continued digital transformation, they can serve their customers through multiple channels and technologies. The use of technology to automate processes removes internal obstacles and creates a seamless customer experience. Key to this automation is advances like AI, data analytics, and systems that can react quickly to the market.

The acceleration of work-from-home culture and convergence of technology with financial services (Fintech) aligns with Frost & Sullivan's own breadth and depth of expertise. Frost & Sullivan tracks the digital transformation of financial services companies and fintech disruptors. The Fintech industry is extensive. It is comprised of multiple subsectors; each of which have trends specific to them, and to each global region. Having a 360-degree view of emerging technologies, the global financial services industry, and regional expertise creates a unique perspective that is valuable to our research and advisory for clients.

The Fintech subsectors we cover include:

• Verticals: Digital Banking, Insurtech, Wealthtech

• Enablers: Cloud, Data and Analytics, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT)

• Services: Lending Platforms, Regtech, Paytech

  1. 29 Dec 2017  |  Global

    FinTech Watchlist Company Profile—SoFi

    Peer-to-Peer Lenders are Redefining the Student and Personal Loan Market and Challenging the Century Old Established Banks

    The study covers one of the leading online lenders in the United States. SoFi that started offering student loan refinancing has moved much beyond and rolled out a series of products to cater to the full stack of the market. In the study, Frost & Sullivan has presented the evolution of SoFi tracking back to May 2012, when it launched is the first p...


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  2. 26 Dec 2017  |  Global

    FinTech Watchlist Company Profile – ZhongAn

    Online Insurance Company ZhongAn Creating New Markets and Disrupting Existing Markets in the Chinese P&C Insurance Industry

    The study covers the leading online insurance provider ZhongAn in China. ZhongAn has launched many new products mostly partnering with the industry participants. It started by offering Merchant Performance Insurance, Zhonglebao in November 2013. Since then it has ventured in many different market segments covering e-Commerce, Electronic Products, ...


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  3. 11 Dec 2017  |  Global

    Fintech Watchlist Company Profile—Betterment

    To Avoid Being Disrupted, Legacy Wealth Management Companies Should Embrace Robo-advisory to Address New Areas Of Growth

    The study covers one of the leading Robo-advisor in the United States. Betterment, that started offering online wealth management advice to the masses, has moved much beyond and rolled out a series of products to cater to the full stack of the market. In the study, Frost & Sullivan has presented the evolution of Betterment tracking back from its st...


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  4. 10 Nov 2017  |  Europe

    The Global Paytech Market, 2017: Driving Transaction Transformation

    The Application of Enabling Technologies will Underpin the Delivery of Disruptive Payment Services to Customers

    Fintech companies are disrupting the traditional banking and financial services ecosystem by leveraging innovative technologies in order to provide value-added services. Paytech appears as the most exciting subsector of the Fintech industry. Indeed, most technology innovations are used to perform payment transactions in a disruptive way: faster, an...


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  5. 12 Oct 2017  |  North America

    An End User Perspective on Navigating Digital Transformation in Finance, Banking, and Insurance, Global, 2017

    Gain a Competitive Advantage Using Insights from IT Buyers

    The overall research objective is to measure the current use and future decision making behavior toward information technology (IT) in Finance, Banking, and Insurance, specifically: Enterprise Mobility Management, eCommerce/mCommerce, Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC), Infrastructure and Data Centers, Big Data and Analytics’ Omnichanne...


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  6. 28 Sep 2017  |  Global

    AI and Big Data Technologies Transforming Financial Services

    The Convergence of Big Data and AI Enabling Financial Services Automation

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data has emerged to be the most essential technologies to develop fintech applications. The technologies has advanced significantly over the ages to empower applications and machines to learn from its own experiences, unravel hidden patterns in data, generate insights and take automated decisions. Technology evo...


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  7. 21 Jul 2017  |  Global

    Disruption in Global Financial Services, 2017—Machine Learning is Imperative

    Realigning Customer Engagement with Predictive Analytics and Customization

    Technology is disrupting the financial services industry. Also termed fintech, tech-enabled products and services in the industry are further enhanced by advanced technologies such as cloud, IoT, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine language (ML). This research service explores the impact of ML on the financial services industry. Th...


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  8. 11 Jul 2017  |  North America

    Banking-as-a-Service to Bring Agility and Flexibility to Financial Services, Forecast to 2023

    Open Banking Becomes a Key Influencer of Customer Satisfaction and Retention

    Financial services industry has been remarkably disrupted by innovative technologies and new business models to-date. Customers are demanding more customer centric, digital solutions from banks as they are becoming more digitally aware of solutions that are being offered by companies outside financial services. The pace of innovation is rapid in fi...


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  9. 07 Jul 2017  |  Asia Pacific

    Life Insurance Industry Outlook in Singapore

    How Insurtech is Disrupting the Industry

    The ecosystem is expected to experience a paradigm shift with increasing number of insurers looking at digital transformation to stay competitive and to engage customers better by offering more partnerships and collaborations with digital disruptors, relaxed insurance regime, customer-centric product innovations, infrastructure enhancement to reduc...


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  10. 20 Jun 2017  |  North America

    Global IoT in Financial Services Market, 2017

    Strategic Investments in Effective Customer Engagement Result in Useful Data Insights for Growth

    The financial services industry has been remarkably disrupted by innovative technologies and new business models. While the pace of innovation is rapid in financial services, IoT is still at a nascent level in this complex and highly regulated industry. However, the industry now appears to be at a point of articulation as the stakeholders from the ...


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