Healthcare, the world's largest industry, is transforming faster than ever. The focus on outcomes based medicine and optimal health management of populations will result in major seismic shifts. Modernization and reform measures are being employed globally by public and private sector organizations to meet the growing need for healthcare. New technologies are being created, offering enormous promise to improve care delivery.

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  1. 14 Jul 2022  |  North America

    Women’s Health Solution Growth Opportunities

    Disruptive Technologies and Competitive Intensity are Driving Innovations in the Medtech Industry

    As the healthcare industry moves toward the ideas of personalized medicine and health equity, an important consideration in disease and treatment experiences is gender. While fine-tuning treatment paradigms for women will probably take decades, several areas of women’s health are possible to address even today. This project focuses on 3 speci...

  2. 14 Jul 2022  |  North America

    United States Molecular Point-of-Care Testing Growth Opportunities

    Syndromic Point-of-Care Testing Drives Transformational Growth in Infectious Disease Diagnostics

    Rapid advancements in infectious disease diagnostics continue with novel identification methods and healthcare accessibility improvements. The shift from traditional testing to a more technologically empowered, consumer-centric testing encompasses the sample-in-answer-out approach of diagnostic testing that generates results in minutes or hours. Nu...

  3. 13 Jul 2022  |  North America

    Global Pharmaceutical Tracker, 2022

    Digital Partnerships Focused on Drug Discovery and Development Drive Future Growth Potential

    This research service offers comprehensive discussions about the key approvals, mergers and acquisitions, product licensing deals, and digital partnerships of the pharmaceutical industry in 2022. A renewed focus on operational excellence and digital transformation will push top-line pharmaceutical industry growth and drive strong partnerships with ...

  4. 05 Jul 2022  |  North America

    In Vitro Diagnostic eCommerce Business Models Growth Opportunities

    Disruptive Differentiation in Supply Chain Management Drives New Growth Potential

    Diagnostics are central to healthcare, but not accessible to all. A 2020 Lancet study states that 47% of the global population has little to no access to accurate diagnostics, emphasizing the need for equitable distribution across geographies and containing procurement costs. The COVID-19 pandemic increased demand for personal protective equipment,...

  5. 04 Jul 2022  |  North America

    Global Cardiac Monitoring Devices Growth Opportunities

    Wearables will Drive the Future Growth Potential of Cardiac Monitoring

    This research service provides an overview of the global cardiac monitoring devices market. The geographical scope of this global study is North America (NA), Europe, and Asia-Pacific (APAC). It offers a detailed analysis of market sizing, trends, competitive landscape, future market outlook by region, and growth opportunities. The market is segmen...

  6. 16 Jun 2022  |  North America

    US Health Equity Growth Opportunities

    Digital Health Solutions are Boosting the Future Growth Potential of Health Equity

    Health equity is achieved when all sections of the population have attained their full potential for health and well-being, regardless of cultural background or socioeconomic status. Inequities resulting from differences in health and overall living conditions need to be identified and removed to realize health equity. Monitoring health inequity pa...

  7. 08 Jun 2022  |  North America

    Growth Opportunities in Sterile Injectable Outsourcing

    Biologics Drive the Future Growth Potential of Sterile Injectable Outsourcing

    Injectables constitute one of the fastest growing segments in the pharmaceuticals space. Many drugs, including biologics, are going off patent in next 3 or 4 years, which will lead to an increase in the demand for generics and biosimilar injectables. The increase in onshoring and nearshoring of biopharmaceutical products for COVID-19 and next-gen...

  8. 31 May 2022  |  North America

    Global RNA Therapeutics Growth Opportunities

    Future Growth Potential Driven by Co-Development Programs and Robust Clinical Trials for Diverse Disease Areas

    Scientific advancements in nucleic acid-based therapies have significantly impacted the global biopharmaceutical industry. The ribonucleic acid (RNA) therapeutics market is expected to witness remarkable clinical progress as therapies target “undruggable” pathways. Technologically advanced platforms are integrated into RNA therapeutics bioproce...

  9. 26 May 2022  |  North America

    Growth Opportunities for Commercial AI in Medical Imaging

    Use Cases for Disruptive Technologies that Drive Efficiencies in Stroke Care and Precision Diagnosis in Coronary Artery Disease and Lung Care

    The use case for commercial AI in medical imaging focuses on workflow productivity and diagnostic accuracy in a radiology set up. The impending shortage of radiologists, burnout from a constantly growing imaging workload, and higher investments (by both public and private groups) favor the adoption of AI in medical imaging. Several medical imaging ...

  10. 16 May 2022  |  North America

    Global Interventional X-ray (IXR) Growth Opportunities

    Combining Interventional X-ray and Surgical C-arm with Image-guided Therapies will Accelerate Transformational Growth

    This Frost & Sullivan study analyzes the global interventional X-ray (IXR) market. The research scope includes market trends (utilization of conventional and emerging clinical applications, growth indicators, factors influencing RoI, critical unmet needs and potential game-changing strategies, growth opportunities for fixed IXR and surgical C-arm s...