Disruptive Innovations Redesigning Orthopedic Devices and Procedures

Technology Convergence Powering Innovations in Orthopedics

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Orthopedic procedures spans the spectrum from diagnosis to surgery, from implants to exoskeleton devices, and from a technology perspective, from biomaterials to digital innovations improving orthopedic outcome. TechVision's latest research service provides an overview of the innovations that are propelling the orthopedics industry along devices, implants, procedures and surgical solutions. This research service showcases major technical innovations, an overview of the IP landscape and opportunities for stakeholders to leverage market opportunities

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Scope of Research 1.2 Research Methodology1.2 Research Methodology (continued)1.3 Summary of TechVision’s Orthopedics Innovation Ecosystem1.4 Frost & Sullivan Perspective: Technology Convergence Holds the Key to The Future of Orthopedics2.0 Technology Snapshot and Trends2.1 Emerging Demographic Trends and Effect on Orthopedics2.2 Orthopedics Industry’s Growth is Aligned with Innovations in Implants, Prosthetics and Novel Surgical Procedures2.3 Advances in Medical Imaging Aids Pre-procedure Planning and Implant Personalization2.4 Materials and Sensors Innovations Power Advances in Prosthetics and Rehabilitation2.5 A Pipeline of Innovative Technologies Enable New Product Development2.6 Robotics and 3D Printing Are Key to the Growth of Orthopedics3.0 Innovation Tracker3.1 Hand-held Alignment Guide for Knee and Hip Replacements3.2 Myoelectric Orthotic Device for Upper Limb Rehabilitation3.3 Using Laser Sintering and Digital Light Processing for Orthopedic Implant Manufacturing3.4 Leveraging 3D Printing for Personalized Orthopedic Implants3.5 Computer-guided Surgical System for Minimally-invasive Orthopedic Surgeries4.0 Growth Opportunities and Roadmap4.1 Personalized Orthopedics will have an Impact on Key Stakeholders and OEMs in the Orthopedics Industry4.2 Gammification and Patient Engagement Will Be Crucial to Rehabilitation 4.3 Robust Public Funding is Nurturing Early-Stage Technology Research4.4 Notable Publically-Funded Projects in the Orthopedics Space4.4 Notable Publically-Funded Projects in the Orthopedics Space (continued)4.5 Presence of Global Med Device Companies Caution Private Investment in Orthopedics4.6 Technology Evolution is Heading Towards Smart Implants5.0 Intellectual Property Landscape5.1 IP Activity of Myoelectric Prosthetics and Orthotics Indicates Multi-technology Innovation Effort5.2 Research Efforts by Materials and Manufacturing Companies are Reflected in IP Activity in the 3DP Space5.3 Key Patents to Check5.3 Key Patents to Check (continued)5.3 Key Patents to Check (continued)6.0 Database of Key Industry Participants6.1 Database of Key Industry Participants6.1 Database of Key Industry Participants (continued)Legal Disclaimer

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