Microbiome Technologies Fueling Human Health and Wellness

Emerging Microbiome Platforms Disrupting Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages and the Consumer Care Industries

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This research service encompasses microbiome technology trends and emerging innovations across:Disease ManagementThis research segment explores the emerging role of microbiome-based therapeutics across a wide range of diseases, especially in the context of gastro-intestinal health, while providing strategic insights across the highly dynamic competitive landscapeFood & BeveragesThis research segment evaluates the role of microbiome technologies fueling improving F&B products, while providing an analysis of the innovative and evolving F&B landscapePersonal CareMicrobiome technologies has had a significant impact across the global skincare industry, and this research segment analysis the key technologies impacti

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Focus: Microbiome Technologies Impacting Human Health & Wellness1.2 Analysis Framework: Frost & Sullivan Core Value1.3 Research Methodology: Five Steps Toward Success1.4 Key Findings for the Global Microbiome Landscape2.0 Microbiome Technologies for Enhanced Disease Management2.1 Microbiome Technologies Transforming Global Healthcare2.2 Rapid Advances in Research Likely to Fuel New Microbiome Innovations2.3 Methodology for Assessing Technology Maturity2.4 Overview of the Key Technology Segments2.5 Snapshot of the Innovation Landscape2.6 Microbiome Research Fueling Collaborations and Consolidations2.7 Analysis of Microbiome Patent and Funding Landscapes 2.8 Microbiome-based Technologies Currently Lead Applications Across Gastrointestinal (GI) Indications2.9 Technical Strategies Driving Microbiome Therapeutics2.10 Disruptive Potential of Emerging Microbiome Technologies3.0 Microbiome Technologies Impacting the Food and Beverage Industry3.1 Functional Foods: Overview of the Microbiome Landscape3.2 Functional Beverages: Overview of the Microbiome Landscape3.3 Summary of Key Industry Drivers and Restraints3.4 Key Forces Driving the Resurgence of Microbiome Interest3.5 Key Restraints Hindering Commercial Exploitation 3.6 Overview of Innovations across the Probiotic Food Landscape3.7 Overview of Innovations across the Probiotic Beverage Landscape3.8 Emerging Microbiome Platforms for Applications Across the Gut-brain Axis3.9 Growing Research Fueling Microbiome F&B Innovations3.10 Emerging Applications for Non-live Probiotic Strains 4.0 Microbiome Technologies Transforming Skin Care4.1 Microbiome Technologies for Skincare and Healthy Aging4.2 Advances in Probiotic Technologies for Skincare4.3 The Growing Use of Probiotic-derived Formulations for Enhancing Skincare4.4 Novel Skin-friendly Formulations Fueling the Adoption of Innovative Prebiotic Ingredients4.5 Novel Targeted Antimicrobial Formulations4.6 Innovative Microbiome-Friendly Formulations4.7 Research Advances Fuelling Novel Skincare Formulations5.0 Microbiome Technologies Improving Indoor Air Quality5.1 Industry Summary5.2 Industry Drivers and Challenges5.3 Overview of IP Activity5.4 Snapshot of Technologies and Trends5.5 Overview of Emerging Innovations6.0 Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action6.1 Growth Opportunity 1: Disease Management6.2 Growth Opportunity 2: F&B Industry6.3 Growth Opportunity 3: Personal Care and Home Hygiene6.4 Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth 7.0 Key Industry Influencers7.1 Industry Interactions7.1 Industry Interactions

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