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The current healthcare market is centered around two factors: cutting overall healthcare costs and providing to health conscious and health aware consumers. Every component of the patient cycle is affected including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and therapeutics. One of the major efforts to satisfy these demands has been to develop the prevent...

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26 Mar 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Asia-Pacific Home Care Devices Market

High Aging Population Driving Market Growth

The purpose of this research service is to analyze the market trends and revenue opportunities for home care devices in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries of Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The study comprises the following segments: mobility aids, incontinence management, respirato...

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27 Jun 2014  |  Global

Innovations in Home Medical Devices and Integrated Care Systems (Technical Insights)

Emerging Healthcare Delivery Models

Integrated healthcare (IHC) is the design, management and delivery of healthcare services along the continuum of care. IHC is a growing trend is fast encompassing diagnosis, treatment, long-term care, rehabilitation services and predictive modelling for coordinated care and population health management. The key driving forces behind IHC are: increa...

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Market development around transparency in the cost of billable outpatient medical services is heating up in 2014, with the Health Care Cost Institute recently announcing a voluntary agreement with the three largest insurers in the US to publish standard charge rates across most CPT assigned services. Price transparency provides the benchmark by w...

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27 Aug 2014  |  Europe

Optimization and Efficiency Drive in Hospitals in Western Europe

Services Redefine Sterilization Sector

With increase in patient population and reduction in hospital budgets, optimization and cost efficiency are the buzzwords in the hospital sector. As most of the innovative products are made of varying materials, they require varied sterilization standards. Sterilization is considered to be a non-core activity by the clinical community. The real dem...

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02 Apr 2015  |  Africa

Health care System Development in Kenya and Rwanda

Unlocking New Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa

The study analyses the Kenyan and Rwandan health care landscape, market outlook, and investment and growth opportunities. It also discusses the drivers and restraints and the dynamics of the hospital construction market and concludes by providing a list of upcoming projects and strategic recommendations for the markets in Kenya and Rwanda. The res...

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16 Oct 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Opportunities in the Aged Care Market in Singapore

Trends and Attractions for Stakeholders

Singapore is facing a rapidly aging population just like Japan and China. This demographic shift has created a number of opportunities for the industry participants to provide products, training, and services to meet the needs of Singapores elderly and the healthcare institutions which support them. The increasing number of elderly citizens is exp...

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22 Dec 2015  |  Europe

Healthcare Services Market Outlook for Balkan and CIS

Country-level Analysis of Healthcare Systems and Private Hospital Markets

This research service provides an overview of selected countries healthcare systems and competitive analysis of their private hospital markets in the Balkans and CIS countries. The study includes data and analyses on each countrys economic, demographic, and epidemic conditions, the healthcare system and reforms, healthcare expenditure and fund fl...

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06 Jan 2016  |  Europe

Transitioning Healthcare Provision Across Western Europe—An Assessment of Selected Countries

Market Participants Seek to Stay Relevant by Striking Balance Between Fiscal Austerity and Changing Patient Demographics

Europe’s Big 5 health systems are in transition. Rapidly ageing populations and budget cuts have forced governments to place greater emphasis on the efficiency of care provision. As part of this efficiency drive, the landscape of care provision in these countries will continue to evolve to meet the dual challenges of limited budgets and changing ...

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31 Aug 2016  |  North America

Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications in Healthcare

Novel Platforms Enable Innovative Healthcare Applications and Business Models

The Augmented Reality (AR) market, although in its early stages, has been growing rapidly since the last two years. The next 5 years will produce diverse AR content from varied fields and industries and affordable solutions for consumers. AR enterprise applications and subsequent subscription models will boost revenue for start-up companies in this...

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