Human Machine Interface (HMI) Market Research

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30 Jan 2004  |  Europe

European Human Machine Interface Markets



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This study examines the world human machine interface(HMI) market, and provides forecasts over the period 2001 to 2011. For the purposes of this study, the market has been divided into two end-user groups,discrete manufacturing and process industries. The world market is divided into four geographic regions North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Rest...

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Research service discusses the European HMI market for vehicle application. It illustrates following main issues regarding HMI for vehicle applications:HMI definition preferred by vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, Input and output options either available or expected in the future, Legislative trends regarding HMI, Market Driver and Restraints a...

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This research service covers the North American human machine interfaces market in terms of various types of HMIs on the vehicles built in North American in the year 2007. It offers valuable insights to existing and new market participants in this space. Systems such as Multifunctional switches and touch screens are discussed under haptic-based HM...

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This research service examines the South African HMI market, providing detailed analysis and forecasts over the period  2004 to 2014. Revenue analyses are provided for each product type and end user market segment. In addition the key industry challenges, market drivers and restraints are discussed in terms of their impact of market developments o...

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This study is focused to strategically analyze the European market for Automotive Human Machine Interface. Key Market Drivers, Restraints, Market Trends, Technology Trends and Roadmaps are discussed as part of this study. The study discusses about the market revenues and units forecast at macro and micro levels with pricing analysis of the HMI Inte...

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10 Jun 2010  |  Global

World Human Machine Interface Market


The World human machine interface (HMI) market research service provides an overview of the total worldwide HMI market from 2006-2016 with 2009 as the base year. The research service provides a detailed introduction to the HMI market, the strategic analysis that includes total market revenue forecasts, geography wise, end-user wise and product type...

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This research caters to the human machine interface market for Europe primarily over the two broad categories of end users in discrete manufacturing applications and process industry applications. The main aims of this research study are to provide an in-depth analysis of the European human machine interface market in order to determine its future ...

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29 Dec 2011  |  North America

Strategic Analysis of European and North American Automotive Human Machine Interface Market

Voice Control Interface, Steering Wheel Controls, and Multifunctional Knobs

This study strategically analyzes the European and North American market for Automotive Human Machine Interface. Key market drivers, restraints, market trends and technology trends are discussed. The study discusses market revenue and unit forecasts with pricing analysis of the HMI Interfaces including Voice Control Interface and Multifunctional Kn...

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30 Jan 2012  |  Africa

Analysis of the South African Human Machine Interface (HMI) Market

Strong, steady growth in the South African HMI market is anticipated between 2011 and 2017.

This research service provides a detailed analysis of the South African HMI market for the period 20072017. The base year for this study is 2010, and the forecast period is from 2011 to 2017. The research service begins with a high-level analysis of South African HMI market. The second section discusses the industry challenges, market drivers and ...

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