Industrial Hardware

Hardware constitutes a very critical part of manufacturing and process production.  Innovations in hardware are a prerequisite for complementing and fulfilling any major technological development in the industry. Industrial hardware is beginning to witness new innovations to accommodate the growing needs for less complexity, connectivity, besides requirements for low energy consumption, safety, security, etc.

Frost & Sullivan’s industrial hardware research is aimed at scanning the complete spectrum of all industrial hardware across all major industry verticals and providing insights on disruptive trends, macroeconomic analysis, regional trends, besides overall market intelligence.

Our key focus areas include

  • Control Systems
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Process Control Equipment

Our work is founded on close and regular interactions with leading multi-nationals and emerging companies operating in the world of industrial automation. The objectives of our research involves from the most basic elements of market intelligence to advanced strategic work for new product introductions and Go-To market strategies, and advisory work for mergers and acquisitions.

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28 Jun 2013  |  Africa

Analysis of the Automation and Control Solutions Market within Sub-Saharan Africas Water and Wastewater Industry

Exploration of the Sub-region's Top 4 Country Markets

This research service provides an exploratory analysis of the automation and control solutions (ACS) market within sub-Saharan Africas water and wastewater industry for the years 2009 to 2019. Eight sub-Saharan Africa countriesSouth Africa, Ghana, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Uganda were selected base...

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13 Jun 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Southeast Asia SCADA Market

Automation Companies are Actively Looking to Develop Open Architecture to Ease Adoption

This study discusses the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) market across Southeast Asia. It analyzes the current trends, drivers, restraints, and revenues for the region. It describes the major end users currently deploying SCADA systems and looks at newer users in the region. The study also covers the competitors and their market sh...

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05 Jun 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Growth Dynamics and Automation Trends in Brazil, Russia, India, and China

Manufacturing Industry Boom Set to Complicate the Automation Business

This research service analyzes the current and future economic trends and their impact on the automation market in Brazil, Russia, India, and China. The key end-user segments have been analyzed across these four countries. In-depth analysis of these markets provides growth trend and strategy. The research also contains information about the key str...

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05 Jun 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) Market in Malaysian Oil and Gas Upstream

Increased Investment in Upstream Oil & Gas to Drive Market Growth

This research service offers an insight into the ACS market in Malaysian oil & gas upstream. The market has been segmented by technology, which includes DCS,SCADA,PLC,HMI and MES. The study provides an analysis of the current state of the market and discusses factors driving/restraining growth. The base year for the study is 2012, with forecasts r...

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22 May 2013  |  Latin America

Southern Cone Market for Distributed Control Systems and Programmable Logic Controllers

Industrialization in the Region Enhances Automation Demand

The study presents an analysis of the Programmable Logic Computer (PLC) and the Distributed Control System (DCS) market in the Southern Cone region. Discussed within the study are the forces that shape market demand and the trends for these technologies, along with competitive analyses. The study presents the main drivers and restraints affecting t...

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24 Apr 2013  |  Europe

Analysis of the Safety Instrumented Systems Market in Europe

Compliance of Safety Regulations to Drive Demand for Certified Systems

This study provides an analysis of the safety instrumented systems (SIS) market in Europe. Despite being affected by the economic recession, the market has rebounded. This indicates the growth opportunities that are available during the forecast period. This research services also covers the drivers and restraints of the market and divides it into ...

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24 Apr 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Customer Analysis of Industrial Equipment in the Australian Mining Sector

Safety Stands Out as the Most Important Factor in the Design and Use of Mining Equipment

This study provides an understanding of the customer satisfaction in Australia's Mining Equipment Industry. It discusses the major criteria that companies look at during purchase decisions. It also identifies the major factors affecting the industry (drivers and restraints). It covers products such as underground mining equipment and drilling equip...

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26 Mar 2013  |  Europe

Global Machine Tools and Cutting Tools Market

Increased Investment in Infrastructure Development in China and India is Expected to Bolster Growth

This RS analyses the trends in the global machine tools and cutting tools market, particularly the trend of increased investment in automobile, aerospace and defence, and civil construction sectors in Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC). The driving forces, such as the exploration of new oil and gas fields and the expansion of the mining indust...

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20 Mar 2013  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Analysis of the Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Market in India

Renewed Investments in Key Sectors is Expected to Fuel Growth

The consistent need to improve operational efficiency and resource utilization drives the demand for distributed control systems across process industries. This research service provides market segmentation by the type of end users in India. Market dynamics such as drivers and restraints have been discussed in this study, along with the total marke...

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19 Mar 2013  |  Global

Global Automation and Control System Market in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry

Growth of Biosimilars and Generic Drugs Drives the ACS Market

This research service identifies the major challenges in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and discusses the automation and control system (ACS) market drivers and restraints, along with key trends in the technology and distribution of the automation control systems. The research service is a global study covering North America, Europe, Asia ...

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